A Recipe Finder Can Be A Time Saver

How many times have you wanted to make a particular chicken recipe or one of your heart healthy recipes and just couldn’t remember which recipe book it was in? If you have ever been in this kind of situation you will know very well what I mean. Without a recipe finder, it can be very difficult to look for the recipe you intend making.

So what exactly is a recipe finder? It is something that helps you find your recipes quick and fast; no matter if they are chicken recipes, healthy recipes, low calorie recipes, lunch recipes, baking recipes or any other. If you have a lot of recipe books, then you can keep a notebook with some pages reserved for each letter of the alphabet with which that recipe name begins. Or better still, invest in a folder and you can go on adding pages as you feel the need. Here, under chicken recipes, you can write the recipe name and the page number and book name it comes from if it a cookbooks recipe.

Or now in the age of the computer, you can create a file with all these details and this kind of recipe finder might be even faster than the manual one saving you even more time when you are looking for your healthy recipes or family recipes. All you have to do is use the find option by pressing the Ctrl and F keys on your keyboard simultaneously and key in the word or phrase that you are looking for. Very soon you will have located the recipes that you have been looking for.

Yet another recipe finder available is in the form of a search engine where you key in “healthy recipes” and are greeted by a great long list which will take you quite some time to sift through to get the ideal recipe you might be looking for. Another way is to visit recipe websites. Some provide you with recipe finders that let you browse by category whether it is chicken recipes, dinner recipes, recipes meals and the like; others let you browse by ingredients.

As the days get shorter and colder and winter approaches, we look for comfort foods. These foods are rich in fat and high in carbohydrates which can be devastating if you are asked to restrict yourself to healthy recipes. Mashed potatoes, macaroni with cheese, meatloaf and cakes are some of the hot favorites. If you make use of a recipe finder on the Net you are sure to find some free recipes that will provide you with substitutes for some ingredients which you should avoid.

While making mashed potatoes the next time, add some roasted cauliflower. Replace the whole milk and butter with some skimmed milk and some chicken brother which is low in sodium. Add a dash of salt and pepper. Thus you can make your own healthy recipes even if you are not happy with what the recipe finder on the Net gives you.

So start searching the Net for healthy recipes now! The recipe finder is very useful and will help you collect a lot of good free recipes.


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  1. Jewelzz2 says

    Hello, I am new to this vegan lifestyle. This question is about working out. Do you find that it's more challenging to build muscle eating a plant based diet verses eating animal protein? And how much time do you spend at the gym?

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  2. ALi -V says

    seen you comment on a lot of veg police vids, figure i check you out……..i mean check you're channel out haha, awesome stuff…..subbed tho0o0o0o0o0o Vegang =)

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    Hey, yiu should make a video giving your thoughts on what's going on with vegan revolution and thevegancheetah also would you like to do a different perspective collaboration video with me about Former Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson being vegan, in case you never knew he is vegan go on my channle if you don't belive me, btw I have yiu in my sub box :)

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  4. Sarah Loves Veggies says

    I love your videos! I live my life by schedules, I couldn't function without it. I agree with everything you said, I love getting my cardio! I truly love all of my workouts, I think that's the key. Love what you do!

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