A Waffle Recipe For Everyone

by George

I can only imagine that if you are reading through the contents of this article, that you are looking for an easy and delicious waffle recipe that you can make for yourself or for your family. Through the paragraphs that follow, I will give you a detailed approach to doing this, and you will be easily on your way to delicious waffles.

This recipe is something that you can prepare anytime, and there are not a lot of steps and ingredients that are necessary to prepare it either. If you were to search out recipes for waffles, you will find that several different sources have different ways of making these treats, but I have complied what I use and consider to be the easiest way to make them.

You have to keep in mind also, that this is a very pointless recipe without a waffle iron. In fact, all of the waffle recipes that you will find are going to be the same without a waffle iron. Without one, you are going to have the ingredients to make some pancakes on a skillet or griddle that just happen to taste a little more like waffles.

Okay, so lets get started with what you are going to need to make this happen. You are going to need a few staples to make this treat, and most recipes will include these you will learn. You will need cup of water, a pinch of sugar, 2 teaspoons of dry yeast, two cups of warm milk, eight tablespoons of butter, three teaspoons of salt, two cups of flour, two large eggs and teaspoon of baking soda.

So let’s get down to business, you have to start off by combining the water and the yeast until it gets frothy. Ten minutes later you will add in the milk, flour, butter, and salt and blend very well into the existing mix. This mixture should sit in your refrigerator overnight and allow to thicken.

The following morning you have to beat in the eggs and baking soda. If you were going to add in any fruit or flavoring to make the recipe your own, now would be the time to do so. Next, you would pour this completed mixture into a heated waffle iron and allow to cook inside the machine until the waffle is a crisp and golden brown.

You might be able to find a ton of ways to prepare and make waffles, but this might be the best waffle recipe that I have come across. I can vouch for the taste, as this is the recipe I use to make waffles for myself and my family. So try it out for yours.

Today, tons people eat breakfast in the morning in order to complete their balance food nutrient throughout the day. The morning breakfast contains foods like waffles, bagels and bacon. To find out more information on waffle recipes for waffle makers look on the net.


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