Adobo Recipe Philippines most delicious food

Filipinos are renowned because of different types of food they’re familiar with from a simple homemade dishes to the grandest fiesta meals you’d ever have they’ed never lose idea on how they will going to make and serve meals, almost decades ago and for so many country that colonize this country that made Filipino food very good at any kind of dish you could ever think about. Every Filipino’s love to eat, Philippine foods is one of the best way to enjoy visiting Philippines. Filipino recipe makes unique meals to a very special food you would even forget what’s your name after you’d savor one.
One of the best renowned pork recipes is the pork adobo every Filipino’s knows it well; a dish that’s special and easy to cook. Made from pork and cut to pieces and then marinated from mixtures of soy sauce, vinegar, citrus, bay leaf and some spices. The taste is very satisfying that you’ll ask for more, the great salty blend of the soy sauce with the tangy taste from the vinegar and citrus makes that perfect combination for the taste while some spices like bay leaf makes it scentful that you’d wanted it most. While there are some that wanted it to be spicy and then they are putting spice on it with chili and pepper and sometimes people want some more tangy taste that they will put pineapple chunks in it to add more twist in the taste. Whatever you want for pork adobo you’ll definitely like it.. Some make another way of it to a chicken recipe and that is good news for people that don’t like pork to much. But there are some who preferred to mix it together, pork and chicken. But whatever you want your adobo to be done whether you want it as a pork recipe or a chicken recipe, it will never let you down in it’s taste that you will like it so much because of the variation on how you will cook it, and of course you’ll always have an idea how you’re going to make your adobo and it will be much satisfying every time you’ll taste one.
Now, if you’re planning to taste different and delicious food and take it as an adventure Filipino recipe won’t let you down. And one good thing about Philippine Foods this is only one kind of their meal there are much more special dish you could know and because Filipino recipe is very simple to cook you can cook it by your self to taste the wide variety of foods they have. Enjoy

I am Ginar Asombrado, a fond Filipino chef and cook. I have a lot of experiment when it comes to cooking dishes. Try it too to benefit you and everyone relates to you. And with that I would like to recommend and share to you a website that comes all the idea upon my cooking. Its


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