Advantages of Waterless Cooking Compared to Conventional Cooking

In traditional cooking methods, water is used as the major cooking medium, which invariably leads to the loss of most of the vital nutrients and natural flavors that are present in the various food items. Further, the addition of vegetable oils to enhance the effect of cooking tends to boost the fat content of the food. This results in accumulation of undesirable extra calories and unhealthy fat in our bodies.

On the other hand, waterless cooking is done in thick vessels having a tight-fitting lids and a steam vent. Usually, the cooking process utilizes the liquid or natural juices present in the food items and addition of water or oils is not required. Even though the food is not cooked under pressure, the cooking is done by using the steam produced from the juices or liquid content present in the food items. Further, you should understand that waterless cooking is not done at high temperatures that are usually applied to regular cooking methods. The waterless cooking time is also usually lesser than conventional cooking.

The heat is distributed evenly through the food items that are cooked in this novel method. Hence, the food does not get burnt or sticks to the cutlery. It had been estimated that the food cooked through waterless cooking method retains about 98% of its natural vitamins, minerals, and other micronutrients. You could compare this to 58% of retention of such items in conventional cooking to understand the amount of loss of major ingredients in the food. Further, the natural flavor is also maintained to a much higher level in waterless cooking.

The above fact of retaining the high level of nutrients in the food assumes greater significance from the data obtained from household food consumption surveys. All the surveys had confirmed that people never obtain or consume the required levels of vitamins and other vital nutrients everyday. The loss of such nutrients due to traditional cooking and the wide usage of canned or pre-processed food items had been the cause for such drastic reduction in the nutrients levels in modern eating habits. This alarming practice is countered by waterless cooking. The cutlery and the kitchen tools used in this method ensure that the food is cooked to perfection in an automatic process.

Benefits of Cutlery and Cooking Tools Used as Waterless Cookware

The cutlery and cooking tools used in waterless cookware provide several unique benefits compared to the cutlery used in conventional cooking. They are enumerated hereunder for better understanding of the difference in the two methods of cooking and evaluating the advantages of using waterless cookware.

* Comparatively much lesser cooking time
* Waterless cookware do not allow the food items to burn or to stick to the cutlery
* The above process allows easy and efficient cleaning of the cooking vessels
* Presence of oil and fat in the food is drastically reduced
* The vitamins, minerals, and all other micronutrients are fully retained in the cooked food
* The waterless cookware usually have flat bottoms, leading to lesser use of fuel but higher level of even heating of the food items inside the vessels.

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