All-Clad T223 Stainless Steel Oven Probe Thermometer with Blue LCD, Silver

The All-Clad Oven Probe Thermometer has a stainless steel probe connected to an extended cord so you can always know the temperature of your cooking meats. The probe and cord are heat resistant up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit so it is safe to use on whatever you’re baking, roasting or braising.

Product Features

  • Finest-quality, highly-brushed 18/10 stainless steel
  • Fahrenheit or Celsius mode
  • Clock and timer combined with LCD display features large, easy to read numerals
  • Audible alarm when time has finished and timer will begin to count up when time has elapsed
  • Includes 2 AA Batteries

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User Reviews and Comments

  1. E. Dorlis says

    High end probe, low end company support. I see that I have a common problem to others. The unit itself worked fine for me. Unfortunately, I accidently burned the wire to the probe, which rendered the unit useless. Of course, I’ve attempted to secure a replacement but it cannot be found – not even from All Clad. I’m not sure how a supposed high end company does not carry what should be a relatively inexpensive part just to help keep their customers satisfied (many of whom, like me, probably have the All Clad cookware). Shame on me…

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  2. jasamy says

    Complete junk I am on my third of these in a year, but not because I love it so much. I purchased this from a home store (initials W-S), and they have allowed multiple exchanges. The first one worked twice, then failed. The second was non-functional out of the box. The third works theoretically. However, it tells me my beef is medium rare, and instead it’s medium WELL. Multiple times. At least it’s consistent, albeit highly inaccurate. Truly disappointing from a company like all clad, and especially…

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