Different Types Of Kitchenware For Shopping

There are a lot of brands which are being introduced into the market and more are being getting introduced these days. The competition is pretty tight in this field and people always prefer to have the best. They also get confused to get the right one they need. The same slogan is repeated by all […]

“Pampoenmoes”, South African Food!

Pumpkin is one of South Africas favourite vegetables. Most restaurants serve pumpkin and spinach as vegetable side dishes with main meals and all mothers buy it for their families. There are many ways in which you can serve the great varieties of pumpkin available like butternut squash, herbert squash, boer pumpkin or red pumpkin, to […]

3 Quick Food And Wine Ideas

Alright the holidays have passed and needless to say youre tired of turkey, ham or roast beef or what ever and now you maybe watching your diet after indulging yourself. So here are some quick and easy food ideas that keeps calories in mind but are still good and are a nice change of pace. […]

Benefits Of Using Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron cookware has been used for centuries to cook meals, wash clothes and as wall ornaments in a home. The benefits of using cast iron cookware are truly evident to people who love the outdoors because cast iron cookware holds up well when exposed to all weather elements. Any rust that forms is easily […]

Double Decker Pastry

This recipe is an experience for anyone, its kind of unique and very different from todays baking, today all you need to do is go to the market and pick something off of the shelf, put it in the microwave and you have it. Well Im old fashion when it is something Im going to […]

BBQ Food is the Mental Cue that summer is Here

Winter is over, spring has sprung, and summer is on its way. Its the perfect time to take the cover off of the barbecue grill and get grilling. BBQ food is the perfect start to a great summer. As the smells of neighborhood grills begin wafting down the streets of towns all across America, there […]

A Quick Guide to Kitchen Accessories

If you love to cook or if you just love gadgets, there are plenty of kitchen gadgets that you should look at. No matter what the kitchen task, there is a very cool kitchen gadget available. Here are some samples. If you love mixed drinks, lattes or hot chocolate, then you need to purchase a […]

3 Great Coconut Shrimp Recipes

If you love coconut shrimp, here are three different, but very good coconut shrimp recipes to try. Coconut Beer Batter Fried Shrimp with Pineapple Salsa 2 eggs 1-3/4 cups all-purpose flour 3/4 cup beer 1 tablespoon baking powder 2 lb. medium shrimp, peeled and deveined coconut oil 3 cups grated coconut Seasoning mix: 1 tablespoon […]

Does And Don’ts In Kitchenware Shopping

Kitchenware vary largely these days as there are different kinds and also competitive rates which are made available these days. There are a lot of companies offering best rates for the kitchenware items and thus profitable for people who purchase them. Those things which are considered to be the most important aspects in kitchenware shopping […]

Chocolate Cheesecake

1 1/4 cups graham cracker crumbs 2 tablespoons sugar 3 tablespoons butter or margarine melted 2 pounds cream cheese 1 cup sugar 8 ounces sour cream 1/4 cup cocoa 2 eggs 1 cup flour 3/4 cup heavy whipping cream In a 5 quart mixing bowl place 2 pounds of cream cheese and 1 cup granulated […]

Buffalo Wing Sauce Recipe

The simple ingredients used are ketchup, warm honey, lemons juice, butter, Louisiana sauce, white vinegar, chopped tomato, garlic and onion and dry cayenne peppers. Buffalo hot wing sauce has become an institution to reckon with, based on these readily available items-unbelievable, is it not? Well, age-old experience and a one-track dedication towards maintaining a unique […]

California-Style Buttered Pasta Is Easy And Delicious

California and Italy have much in common, which explains why many simple Italian dishes featuring fresh ingredients are popular in the Golden State. One dish that deliciously merges the Old World with the new is California-Style Buttered Pasta. While red sauce is the most familiar match for Italian pasta, as you move into Northern Italy […]