Chinese Cooking Sauces: An Extra Something To Make Your Dishes Delicious

by zoetnet Chinese cooking and sauces go hand in hand. There cannot be one without the other and for good reason too! These two are main components in Chinese culinary culture. Usually, American Chinese cooking uses vegetables and the sauces are generally used as garnishing or to prepare authentic recipes. It is important to know […]

Important Tips To Choose The Best Affordable Cookware Sets On Sale

by Photomaggie Though the fact is true that the customary dinner parties and barbecues just for socializing quite on a regular basis is out of fashion in the regular society for the simple reason of the human life going highly hectic and scheduled, small get together once in a while on some special occasions are […]

The Elegant Art Of French Cooking

by kirsten ♥ French people have always been identified with refinement and elegance in their style and sophistication that is subtle and distinct; French cooking is no different from this world-recognized thought either. The best chefs in the world are considered to be French as they look upon creating food as an art and aim […]

Buying Cookware

by Didriks Kitchen kitchenware is an necessary part of cooking, and an essential part of the cooking area. There’s numerous different materials utilized in the manufacture of cooking area kitchenware. It is your choice to choose on the most effective cooking equipment that matches your preparing food needs. Cast iron cooking equipment is cooking equipment […]

Quiche: Bacon and Swiss Quiche

4.42 / 5 Stars | 28 Reviews by Erin “We love quiche in our house; however, my mother is allergic to onions, so we created a recipe that she can enjoy with us. This is great with a cup of broth on a rainy day.” View Complete Recipe Details and Reviews Link to this post!

Meatloaf: Jackie's Special Meatloaf

4.41 / 5 Stars | 108 Reviews by Jackie Fernandez “Ground beef, ketchup, and Japanese bread crumbs (panko) are mixed with a couple of eggs and some seasonings to yield an easy, delicious meatloaf.” View Complete Recipe Details and Reviews Link to this post!

Quiche: Asparagus Chicken Quiche

4.64 / 5 Stars | 10 Reviews by dhyana “A light, fresh chicken and asparagus quiche is easy to make because you use cooked rotisserie chicken.” View Complete Recipe Details and Reviews Link to this post!

Casseroles: Beef Nacho Casserole

4.28 / 5 Stars | 557 Reviews by LUNCH*LADY “A simple meal to whip up in less than an hour that even the kids are sure to love. Layers of seasoned ground beef, corn, tortilla chips and cheese are baked under a layer of Colby cheese. Monterey Jack is also good in place of the […]

Main Dish Soups and Stews: Oven Baked Jambalaya

4.57 / 5 Stars | 287 Reviews by JOSLYN “A sixteen-serving batch of Creole classic! Chicken, ham, shrimp, and andouille sausage are combined with onion celery, green pepper and garlic. Tomatoes, chicken stock and rice are stirred in, and the whole thing is baked in a large roasting pan.” View Complete Recipe Details and Reviews […]

Savory Pies: The Humble Shepherd

4.32 / 5 Stars | 104 Reviews by Amanda Fetters “A twist on the original shepherd’s pie using ground turkey in place of beef.” View Complete Recipe Details and Reviews Link to this post!