Bamboo Cutting Board-Large 18 X 12 Serving Platter-Beautiful Two-Tone Color With Drip Groove-Organic, ECO Friendly and Antimicrobial-Butcher Block Cutting Board-Thick and Strong-BPA and Toxin-Free

Your search for the PERFECT Cutting Board is OVER!

This premium bamboo cutting board, crafted entirely from renewable resources, is the perfect accessory for your kitchen!

* Sleek, Professional, and 100% Organic

* Extra-large size makes cooking easier, whether you’re cutting up fruits or carving your favorite meat.

* Functional design is perfect for cutting and serving cooked meats without making a mess, thanks to the drip groove feature.

* Beautiful Organic Moso Bamboo Material

* Never dulls your knives even after thousands of hours of chopping meats or vegetables.

* 100% BPA, Formaldehyde, Chemical, Toxin, Pesticide, and Dye Free, so your Food Remains Uncontaminated

Perfect for Any Occasion!

Constructed entirely from organic bamboo with no stains, finishes or pesticides, this cutting board will quickly find its way onto your list of must-have kitchen tools.

Flip the board to the smooth side for a dual-purpose serving tray or serving platter.

Buy with confidence. We have a 100% No-Questions-Asked, Money-Back Guarantee.

So order now and when you do how about ordering two boards? One for you and one someone special.

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Product Features

  • ★BAMBOO CUTTING BOARD★ Made from 100% premium organic moso bamboo. This professional high quality wood cutting board is BPA- and toxin-free for superior food safety and peace of mind. PLEASE CONDITION YOUR BOARD WITH MINERAL OIL BEFORE FIRST USING IT. IT WILL PRESERVE THE BOARD.
  • ★ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS COMPANY★ When you use the DuraCasa Organic Bamboo Cutting Board, you can know that you’re being kind to your body and to the earth. By being conscious with its packaging and creating long lasting products, DuraCasa actively seeks out ways to reduce your footprint.
  • ★EXTRA LARGE AND STURDY★ enough to handle all your cutting and chopping needs. Unlike plastic or glass, it won’t dull your favorite kitchen knives.
  • ★ALL-NATURAL COLOR★ means there are no dyes or stains to fade or add unwanted flavors or chemicals to your food.
  • ★REVERSIBLE★ and can be used as a serving tray for meats, breads, cheese, wine, fruits and vegetables when entertaining guests.

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User Reviews and Comments

  1. AnnaK says

    Really Big cutting board, with two different color wood. Makes my kitchen counter look much nicer! This is a really nice high quality cutting board. It it dark wood with lighter colored bamboo wood on the edges. It has a groove on on one side. This is helpful if I am cutting something that gets wet, such as tomatoes. Instead of the liquid running off the edge of the cutting board, it stops in the groove. So it is a nice side effect that it helps keep my kitchen cleaner. I tend to wash mine by just rinsing water over it. However if you are cutting meat product, you can use a little bit of…

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  2. Danielle says

    I LOVE this cutting board I LOVE this cutting board! It is the perfect size to leave out on the counter, and it is beautifully made so it looks great sitting out as well. I love using it! I find the cutting board really easy to use, and I feel like my kitchen stays a lot cleaner when I am using one area instead of the entire counter to prep things. It is a bamboo board so you are able to see the bamboo grain in it (which I personally love!) I also really like the fact that it is two tones, the main cutting board is…

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