September 28, 2020

Berghoff Glass Tea Pot with Strainer, 5-1/2-Cups

4 pc Dorado glass teapot with strainer & stainless steel warmer: From a brisk winter morning to a cool cummer night, this artful glass teapot, stainless steel strainer insert and stainless steel candle warmer will bring out the best flavors of the loose or bagged herbal teas. Dishwasher safe. Uses standard warmer candles.

Product Features

  • Set includes: glass teapot, stainless steel lid, strainer and stand
  • Teapot holds 5-1/2 cups

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2 thoughts on “Berghoff Glass Tea Pot with Strainer, 5-1/2-Cups

  1. Love it!! I drink Chinese tea everyday and have been searching for a tea pot with a warmer for a while. This one is very good quality and it does NOT drip. It has a large capacity compared with other tea pots I found on Amazon and most importantly to me: it has a short, straight and open spout which is very easy to clean. Most people might not care about the light brown tea stains left on teapots after using them for a while, but it’s best to clean them regularly. It is also good to make coffee or milk…

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  2. Berghoff Glass Tea Pot — an awesome tea pot I love tea! Therefore, I am always looking for the perfect tea pot. I have found the perfect ceramic tea pot. Now I have found the perfect glass one! Things I love about this teapot — I love it’s contemporary look. I love the little glass drip stopper at the bottom of the spout. I don’t like a teapot that drips. It is also a very nice feature to have the tea candle warmer. Since I love tea so much, the tea candle warmer means I can always depend on the 2nd cup being steaming hot just…

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