Black Bean Recipe

by George

Black bean Corn Salsa recipe is really a Tex-Mex style side dish recipe. The combination of the ingredients leave a delightful taste inside your taste buds specifically when you are a person who is fascinated with Latin- American inspired meals. This salad goes well with chips along with cold beer and iced tea.

Aside from the taste, Black Bean Corn Salsa Recipe also has some health benefits. This salad is really a good source of folic acid and fiber. It’s prevalent knowledge that these nutrients promote great digestion and proper metabolism. Aside from that it has components which eliminate toxins from our bodies. This is great news contemplating that you are enjoying excellent tasting food and at the same time getting healthy in the process.

You will need to prepare two sets of ingredients for this salad. One set for the salad and an additional set for the dressing. For the salad you’ll want 1 540ml tin black beans, drained and rinsed; one 341ml tin corn kernels, drained; one cup chopped tomatoes; cup chopped green or red bell pepper; cup chopped onion or green onion; and cup chopped fresh parley.

For the dressing you’ll teaspoon salt and black pepper; teaspoon hot pepper sauce if you prefer it; teaspoon ground cumin; one teaspoon minced garlic; 1 tablespoon vegetable oil; and two tablespoons of vinegar.

When you’ve prepared the required ingredients, it’s time to make the salad. The very first thing that you want to do would be to chop all the ingredients in little pieces. Then on a separate bowl, put inside the dressing ingredients and mix them until all of them have blended together.

Here are some ideas in the event you don’t have all the ingredients ready inside your kitchen. If you do not have any hot sauce you’ll be able to try red pepper flakes or finely chopped hot pepper. If you do not have fresh parsley, you may use two teaspoons of dried parsley. If you do not have any bell pepper, use chopped celery, zucchini, fennel or some carrots. If you do not have fresh tomatoes, canned tomatoes will do.

To give your Black Bean Corn Salsa Recipe a knock out twist, you may put in some tortilla chips before serving. Sliced olives and chopped avocado will also work wonders for your salad. Crumbling some feta cheese on top of your salad will make it look and taste even better, and lastly you may toss in some chopped mango for a tropical taste.

It’s obvious you are searching for knowledge to do with black bean corn salsa recipe. If you do not feel satisfied with what you’ve learned here or you just want to find additional information then visit Sue Blair’s most relevant website about black bean corn salsa recipe and also corn salsa recipe.


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