September 27, 2020

Bon Chef 5608HRSS Rectangle Full Size Food Pan Arches Design with Round Handles, Stainless Steel

Bon Chef has been dedicated to manufacturing and supplying the most durable products available to the food service industry. Bon Chef Sandstone is our pewter glo inserts coated with a china like glaze to make it look like china. Bon Chef’s Sandstone plates, platters, bowls, ramekins, mugs and inserts are hand crafted from aluminum alloys that are rated 100% food safe. Safe temperatures -20 degree F to a maximum temp of 185 degree F. Do not use Sandstone products for food storage. Do not place in over or broiler, this will damage the sandstone finish. Ware washing: Do not use iodine-based sanitizers – may cause staining. For heavily soiled conditions, presoak in hot water with mild soap. Do not scour or scrape. Use only nylon or sponge pads to clean. Do not use as a cutting surface. Knives will damage the sandstone finish. Do not use in hot application as this will cause staining, separation and lifting of Sandstone coating. NSF certified.

Product Features

  • Pan, for hot wells
  • High polished stainless steel
  • Includes two Round Stainless Steel Handles
  • Can be used like traditional chafer or remove food pan and put food directly in the chafer
  • Do not scour or scrape

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