California Home Goods Marshmallow Roasting Fork Set, Chrome Plated, Multi-Colored, Set of 10

Nothing brings family and friends closer together than a campfire with plenty of delicious food. Now with our certified heat-proof roasting fork set, you can always make cooking at the bonfire a pleasant experience.

Each 22″ long roasting fork is chrome plated to ensure that food comes on and off cleanly. Attached to each fork is a beautiful ergonomically designed colored handle to insulate your hands from the heat, ensuring that you’ll never suffer a smore induced burn again.

With the California Home Goods pack of 10 roasting forks, equipped with a lifetime guarantee, you’ll have enough for you and the entire family to stick around.

Product Features

  • FAMILY SIZED & PERFECT FOR THE HOLIDAYS: Feel at ease knowing that you’ll have enough marshmallow forks to go around. With our pack of 10, no one at the campfire will go smore’less.
  • GORGEOUS MULTI COLORED HANDLES: Our forks are designed with beautiful chrome plating and multi colored handles so that they’re a breeze to hold onto to clean for future use. Each set comes with its own carrying bag.
  • KEEP YOUR DISTANCE FROM THE HEAT: At 22″ in length, these campfire & fire pit skewers will keep your children and family at arms length from the bonfire heat, making sure they’ll stay safe and full from cooking (smores & hot dogs of course) at all times!
  • EXCELLENT FOR ALL OCCASIONS: Whether you’re out camping in the summer or hanging out with your kids near the fireplace in the winter, these roasting forks are an excellent conversation starter and activity for all occasions.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE: At California Home Goods, we are dedicated to your satisfaction. That’s why we offer our lifetime guarantee. If you’re ever unsatisfied with the performance of your roasting forks, we’ll replace it, no questions asked! Click “Add to Cart” now!

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User Reviews and Comments

  1. Elizabeth says

    Great length for cooking on a fire! If you are having a bonfire or campfire you are of course going to roast marshmallows. These are the perfect tool to do that with. This is an assortment of 10 hotdog/marshmallows roasting forks. They come in multiple colored handles which helps in keeping track of whose forks is whose. The handles of the forks have a strap which is great if you want to hang them. The forks each come with small plastic safety tips over each barb. This makes storage much easier and safer as they won’t poke…

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  2. angela d says

    Very nice Marshmallow and hot dog Roasting Fork Set of 10 We camp all the time so I ordered this awesome 10 Pack Premium Marshmallow Roasting Fork Set, Chrome Plated Skewers with Multi Colored Handles, For Campfires, Smores & Hot Dogs, By California Home Goods set and it is awesome!!very nice set of 10 Forks in a nice drawstring carry and storgage bag.These forks are fun and colorful and our kids love using them. They beat using a stick!These are made of high quality. Each 22″ long roasting fork is chrome…

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