Camping Pots, Portable Hard Anodized Aluminum Non-stick Cooking Ware Cookware Picnic Bowl Pot Pan Kits ( Set of 10 )


# This outdoor cooking set is designed for one or two people
# The backpacking pot and frying pan are made of anodized aluminum, which makes it solid and light

# There are foldable handles on pot, frying pan and soup spoon. After use they can be folded to save space
# Small size and portable. And all the objects in this cooking set can be stored together in a mesh bag for convenient carry
# Thoughtful consideration: It is supplied with a loofah sponge to clean these utensils
# Foldable wire saw is necessary outdoor gear and assist you to cut wood or branch quickly.
# This backpacking gear is suitable for camping, hiking, backpacking, picnic and other outdoor activities

Material: Aluminum alloy
Suitable for: 1-2 people
Pot Size (D*H): 14.5 x 8cm/5.70″x 3.14″(approx.)
Pot cover diameter: 13.8cm/5.43″(approx.)
Frying pan size (D*H): 15.5cm x 3.5cm/6.10″x1.37″(approx.) ,Handle length 10cm/3.93″(approx.)
2 Bowls size (D*H): 11 x 4cm/4.33″x1.57″(approx.)
Rice ladle size (L*W): 13 x 5cm/5.11″x1.96″(approx.)
Soup spoon diameter: 8cm/3.14″(approx.)
Stainless steel wire saw 53cm/24″(approx.)
Quantity: 1 Set

Package Content:

1 x Pot
1 x Frying Pan
1 x Pan Cover
2 x Bowls
1 x Soup Spoon
1 x Rice Ladle
1 x Loofah Sponge
1 x wire saw
1 x Mesh Bag

Warmly reminder: The spoon and the dishwashing are made of Natural Phyllostachys pubescens and natural loofah Narang refined, please keep dry and store it in a dry environment,to avoid being moldy unexpectedly.

Product Features

  • HIGH QUALITY: This Lightweight Cooking Set Is A Kind of Non-Stick Cookware and Made of Anodized Aluminum, Which Makes It Solid and Light
  • EASY-TO-CARRY: Small size and portable, All the objects in this cooking set can be stored together in a mesh bag for convenient carry.Foldable handles on pot, frying pan and soup spoon. They can be folded to save space.
  • USEFUL DESIGN: .This outdoor cooking set is designed for one or two people.It Is Suitable for Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, Picnic and Other Outdoor Activities
  • FREE BONUS GIFT: Order Unigear cooking ware now and receive a stainless steel wire saw for free. it is necessary a outdoor gear.
  • 100% GUARANTEE: Your purchase will be backed by a 100% money-back guarantee

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User Reviews and Comments

  1. Gayle Salley says

    A complete cooking set that won’t take up too much space. My husband was excited to play with this camping set, since he loves both cooking and fire. I like that it came with a wooden spatula, since you shouldn’t use metal on non-stick pans. I thought they would be bigger, but they’re just right for 1-2 people. We were going to boil an egg to see how the pot handled, but ended up cooking it in the pan instead, so I’m sharing pictures of both. The water boiled quickly with the lid on, and the pot wasn’t damaged from sitting directly on the coals (the…

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  2. Maniac Reviews says

    A must have for any avid outdoorsman. A must have for any avid camper or hunter. This set comes with all the necessities to prepare a meal.The pot and frying pan are made of aluminum and very light weight with convenient fold out handles. They are nonstick eliminating the need for cooking spray. The frying pan is big enough to fry two eggs at a time. The pot easily holds a can of soup (that includes the water or milk) and comes with a lid. These pans can be used on the portable stove which does require a butane tank, if you…

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