Cast Iron Cookware For Camping – When Durability Counts

Ask any seasoned camper on the kind of cookware that they use, and there is a pretty good chance that quite a vast majority will carry some kind of cast iron cookware for camping. The main reason for this popularity is simple. Cast iron cookware for camping usually outlast any other camping cookware which means that they don’t have to restock on new cookware year after year. This article will hopefully arm you with enough knowledge, so that you are able to choose wisely when it comes to camping cookware.

Ease Of Use

When buying camping cookware, one good rule to follow is keep it simple. The next other important point to look out for, is whether it could double for something else. You want to be able to use the same type of plate/bowl, whether is it for breakfast,lunch or dinner. This is also worth considering when buying eating utensils. Your should be able to find a knife that can very easily be turned into a fork or vice versa. This will not only save you some cash but your goal is to carry the least amount of items as possible and it is great when quite a few of them can be used for lots of different tasks.

Last A Long Time

Cookware durability is probably the most important deciding factor when campers decide to splurge on new camping cookware. You definitely do not want cookware that comes with a handle with care label attached to them but you want cookware that will be there year after year. In this case, spending extra money on cast iron cookware for camping makes perfect sense if not cents. In case you have to pack up and leave in a real hurry, you need to know that your cookware can be quickly thrown into a box but still be intact when you decide to stop again.

If you are planning a trip that requires that you move from one camping spot to another, you cannot be expected to properly pack every piece of cookware every time you move. So it’s just common sense that cast iron cookware for camping is worth considering.

Cleans With Ease

Unfortunately, every time any piece of cookware is used, it needs to be cleaned at some point in the future before being reused. This is more applicable to camping cookware as your goal is not to carry too many items but a few items that can serve several roles. The trick is to find cookware that is easy to clean, does not stain easily and can be washed quickly with just some soap. Cast iron cookware for camping is not only the most durable camping cookware that you can get, but it will also meet all of the criteria listed above.

Worth Buying

When deciding to purchase camping cookware, ask yourself this question. Do you want cookware that you will probably have to replace on your next trip or spend a little extra on cast iron cookware for camping that will last a life time?

Quality cast iron camping cookware can be quite expensive so if you are just starting out, or if your budget is tight, you should probably consider used or second hand items instead. A good idea, is also to find a good balance between cast iron and normal cookware and slowly replace the non cast iron items over time.

A quick search on the Internet should be able to solve that problem and with sites like Ebay, your search may not even last that long.

Buying cookware for the coming camping trip? Stop and browse over our article on cast iron cookware for camping


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