Cast Iron Cookware – The Added Benefits of Chasseur’s Porcelain Enamel Coating

Are you torn between traditional black cast iron cookware and colorful porcelain enameled cast iron? Both types of cookware will give you a lifetime of service, durability, and even heat distribution. Both can be used to create a large variety of foods, from those which are gently simmered to those which are quick fried. However, investigating and understanding the process and assets of the enamel on your cookware may help to clear up any indecision you may have.

The Chasseur Cast Iron Cookware has been manufactured at the Invicta foundry, which was established approximately 75 years ago in Donchery, France. Located just outside the Champagne region of northern France, you can be sure that it comes from an area of the world famous for gastronomy! These fine cooking vessels have been created by those who are passionate about cooking and preparing foods to bring out their finest qualities. All the fine features of cast iron cookware desired by French chefs are encased in the porcelain enamel surrounding the cast iron. This enhances the cast iron cookware with a beautiful, colorful, inert and hygienic surface. All benefits chefs and aspiring chefs will appreciate.

The enameling process begins by grinding down glass fragments, minerals and color pigments until a fine powder is formed. Next, a coating of this high-grade porcelain enamel material is sprayed onto the cast iron pan. Now it is ready to be fired in an oven at a temperature of 800 degrees Celsius (1472 degrees Fahrenheit!) The glass melts at this high temperature, and forms a glass like outer shell over the cast iron. This process is repeated a second time to give the Chasseur Cast Iron Cookware a strong, durable seal over the cast iron, which defies corrosion and gives it a beautiful, shiny finish. The first coat of the porcelain is a black layer, which you can see on the rim or base of the pan, and serves as a primer for the final coat. The second coat gives the process additional strength and a gorgeous appearance.

Enameled cookware is considered non-reactive because after the firing process is complete, the porcelain coating will not react chemically with other foods. This is important when cooking acidic foods, such as wine or tomatoes. If acidic foods are cooked in a reactive pan (metallic), the flavor may be tainted from the metal. This is especially true when a sauce or soup is cooked for a lengthy amount of time, and if a metallic utensil is used such as a metal spoon or whisk. If the soup or sauce is light colored, such as a Bechamel or Alfredo sauce, it may even become discolored from cooking or storing it in reactive cookware. The addition of the porcelain enamel layer on the cast iron prevents any of this from occurring. When you use the Chasseur Cast Iron Cookware foods can be marinated, cooked, stored, refrigerated and even frozen for later use, with no metal flavor imparted to the food!

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