Cast Iron Cookware – The Only Way To Cook

When a gourmet chef steps into the kitchen to create a masterpiece, there are several elements that come into play to contribute to his ultimate work of art. One of those elements is the equipment he uses and specifically the cookware utilized to prepare his dishes. However, when one thinks of a gourmet chef, cookware does not come to mind. There is one thing that many food connoisseurs don’t realize: many of the fine dishes they have eaten have been prepared using cast iron pots and pans.

It has been used in cooking for hundreds of years. You can probably recall your grandparents using cast iron frying pans and skillets. Its ability to withstand extreme cooking temperatures makes it a fantastic choice for searing or frying, and its excellent heat distribution and retention makes it perfect for cooking stews and other dishes that require a slow, long cooking process. There are a number of different pieces of cast iron cookware, each serving a special purpose and making cooking a special experience. Types of pots and pans include Dutch ovens, frying pans, deep fryers, woks, flat top grill’s, griddles, and jambalaya plots. Each and every one of these pieces of cookware can find itself in the most elaborate of restaurants, as well as a campsite deep in the Rocky Mountains. But regardless of where it is used, it always gets the job done.

As you begin your quest with this type of cookware, keep in mind that preserving your cookware is very simple but it does require a bit more maintenance than other types of cookware. Because ordinary cookware cleaning techniques require scouring and washing, they are not recommended for a good piece of cast iron cookware. A dishwasher or scouring pad can remove the seasoning on a griddle or Dutch oven. As such, it should not be cleaned like most other cookware. Many who use cast-iron cookware suggest never cleaning cast-iron pans at all, but simply wiping them out after use or washing them with hot water and a stiff brush. Then again, other cast-iron aficionados advocate washing with mild soap and water, and then season the pan by coating it with a thin layer of fat or oil. There’s even a third approach that calls for scrubbing with coarse salt and a paper towel or clean rag. Any of these approaches will work fine as long as your cookware remains well seasoned, coated by oil or fat, and stored in a dry place.

Having and using cast iron cookware will benefit your family for generations to come. Not only has it been proven that the use of cast iron cookware is healthy for you, it will last and last. Your children and grandchildren will have an opportunity to go down to the creek and enjoy a good fish fry. At home, you most certainly will be able to wake up and enjoy the scent of cooking bacon and brewing coffee. Your life will never be the same once you invest in cast iron cookware.

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