Ceramic Chef Knife, Bonus Paring Knife – Black Mirror Finish Ceramic Knives Best For Chopping and Slicing – Incl. Sheaths, Luxury Gift Box, Sleeve – By Solutionelle

Want to feel like a professional chef in your own home kitchen?

Introducing the Solutionelle Ceramic 8-inch Chef Knife – with BONUS 4-inch Paring Knife
These ceramic knives are the perfect cutting, slicing and dicing tools for your daily cooking tasks.

– Exceptional sharpness and design means ultra-thin slices can be made of vegetables and boneless meat.
– Relax! You’ll notice that there’s no need to “force” your way into a cut. The chef’s knife does the work for you!
– Easy glide, easy clean! (Dishwasher safe, but hand washing is recommended). A quick rinse with mild soap will do the trick. You’ll have meals and clean-up done in a flash, leaving more time for family, friends and fun!

Set includes luxury magnetic gift box, wrapped in an elegant red sleeve
This item is gift-ready just as it is! Impress your friends by gifting this for any birthday, wedding, bridal shower, anniversary, housewarming or virtually any occasion.

Unique, FDA approved manufacturing process that produces more durable ceramic knives
– Long-lasting sharpness and durability when used as directed
– Thicker spines means knives are not as prone to breakage
– Use only on wood, bamboo or plastic cutting surfaces. (No marble, steel, ceramic or bare countertops)

100% BETTER-THAN-MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Love these knives or Solutionelle will refund your money *AND* send a replacement!

ORDER NOW! – Try this Ceramic Chef Knife Set today – and when you do, consider getting another one for a friend or relative before they’re sold out!

Manufacturer’s Note:
Ceramic knives are a great complement to steel knives because they handle laborious slicing and dicing tasks with incredible ease. Heavy chopping, hacking, prying and cleaving is best left to steel knives. Ceramic knives are much harder than steel. This means they are prone to chipping if used improperly.

Product Features

  • TIME-SAVING SLICING – Sharper-than-steel blades means no wasted minutes sawing or tugging on tougher-skin foods like tomatoes. The 8-inch Ceramic Chef Knife and 4-inch Ceramic Paring Knife effortlessly slice (not rip) through fruits and vegetables without bruising or crushing the food. It’s slicing so easy that you’ll feel like a professional chef!
  • MAINTAIN FOODS’ FRESHNESS, PURITY and TASTE – Especially if you’ve gone the extra mile (and expense) to buy organic. As a health conscious home cook, you can take comfort in knowing that these ceramic blades are non-porous, which means they will never chemically react with food, leave a metallic taste or harbor germs and bacteria. You have peace of mind knowing that your family won’t get sick as a result of the kitchen tools used to prepare their meals.
  • AVOID PAINFUL WRIST STRAIN – Planning to do lots of slicing, dicing and chopping for the kids’ lunches, everyday dinner, holiday gatherings, or a long day of meal prep for the week ahead? The lightweight, non-slip handles on each ceramic knife provide excellent grip and control without being too soft. The result is less wrist and hand fatigue during repetitive food preparation tasks.
  • NO MORE STOPPING MID-STRIKE TO WIPE FOOD FROM THE KNIFE – These ceramic knives have a non-stick, shiny, smooth mirror finish that minimizes meal prep interruptions while making home-cooked suppers for your loved ones. Lets you stay on task to get dinner on the table quickly!
  • ADDED FINGER PROTECTION – Our uniquely designed, protective handle will not allow your hand to slip onto the back edge of the blade, especially if the knife handle or your hands get wet while cutting juicy foods like oranges. ->> Solutionelle’s Ceramic Knife Set makes a great gift idea for your loved one’s birthday, wedding, anniversary, Father’s Day or just about any occasion. Love these ceramic knives, or your money back!

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User Reviews and Comments

  1. Stefan Urquelle says

    Very Nicely Made And Packaged. Extremely Sharp! I am very impressed with this product. Very functional and nicely made . Please watch the videos to get a quick overview of this awesome knife set and see them in action.I forgot to mention in the video that the coating isn’t just good looking, it also makes them antimicrobial and super easy to clean. Another point is that If you don’t have a ceramic knife sharpener you can also use 1500 grit sandpaper, it will just take a very long time…

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  2. R. Bush says

    Excellent set of knives; very sharp and look great! Cooking is probably one of my favorite things to do when I have a bit of time off; the process relaxes me and allows me to be creative with something I have to do anyway. Up until recently, however, I’d been struggling to cut and chop my ingredients with a few knives that have seen better days. I ordered this set of knives by Solutionelle hoping to make the cooking process go a little smoother and thereby more enjoyable.These knives are absolutely amazing even at first glance; the…

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  3. ejl09e says

    Best Knives I’ve Ever Used. *I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest, unbiased review*First of all, these knives arrive in a package nice enough to be given as a gift unto itself. No need to add additional bows or wrapping, these knives arrive in a slick looking gift box and seasonally appropriate red sleeve.The knives themselves are just as great. The blades are sharp and easily cut through things as soft as mushrooms or as stiff as hard produce and cooked meats. The…

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