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NO MORE TEFLON!, August 29, 2012
Kevin d. (Falls Church, VA, United States) –
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This review is from: Lodge L5HS3 5-Piece Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Cookware Set (Kitchen)
When I was young I remember mom always going to that big, square, heavy frying pan for breakfast. I couldn’t understand why she was so upset about it when I lost it during a camping trip. Now I know. Real sorry mom.

This is an excellent starter set. So far I’ve used it for burgers, steaks, eggs, pancakes, pigs-in-a-blanket and now I’m hungry again. If you read a little about cast iron on the Internet you’ll learn about all the virtues. This Lodge set has all those virtues and no flaws I can see IF you do a little more seasoning before using the pieces.

All of these pieces come pre-seasoned but don’t let that stop you seasoning again. I’ve seen a couple of reviews that make mention the pieces don’t have the non-stick features of cast iron. What I found is by going through the seasoning process before first use and then for the first couple of uses using a little more vegetable oil (I’m using Crisco) then you will have no problems. After each use I clean the pans with fresh water, no soap, put them on a medium burner to dry and add a little more oil. Once properly seasoned at home the cheese stays with the pigs instead of sticking to the pan.

The set is functional and I think beautiful. I would like to see a small sauce pan and a griddle added to the set as I think these are essential. Also, I purchased the cast-iron Dummies book and found it pretty helpful both in how to care for the cast iron as well as how to cook with it. There are plenty of fun recipes to try out. Another thing I did but not sure it was really necessary was, after reading some reviews of pot holders (these things get HOT and stay hot) there was a suggestion pointing me to gloves used by welders. I picked up a set of those (which I’ll probably review) and they work fine but maybe they are a bit overkill. I don’t know. There are other pot holders from Lodge and other places that might work fine. Just remember – hot. Very hot. And they stay hot. That’s actually one of their virtues but be careful.



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