Chaos in the Kitchen? Tips For Getting Your Kids to Eat

If picky eating were an Olympic sport, would your child be the gold medal winner?

If so, you’re not alone. Many parents find that their children consistently place first in the “you can’t make me eat that” category and excel at pushing food around their plate.

How can you turn mealtime into a family-friendly hour as opposed to an all-out war? Here are some suggestions:

* Be patient. Don’t try to force your children to eat if they refuse to finish their meal. By creating drama in the kitchen, you set a bad tone for the future. Kids will automatically think of mealtime as a negative experience and will only become more reluctant when it comes to eating.

Be persistent by offering a variety of foods along with those you know they like. As new foods become familiar, your children will be more likely to try them.

* Remember, timing is everything. In the midst of a dinnertime showdown, children don’t want to hear all of the reasons why they should eat the food sitting on their plate. Try to incorporate nutrition education during other parts of the day.

Bring up the issue during story time, play time or television time – not in the middle of a temper tantrum over broccoli.

* Look for “fun” foods. Scan the supermarket for foods that you know kids would enjoy. Want to get your kids to try seafood? Products like Gorton’s Popcorn Fish, bite-size fish coated in a crispy batter, appeal to children because of their fun shape and kid-friendly taste.

Serving fish in this manner early on will encourage your children to keep an open mind about eating different kinds of seafood in the future.

* Set an example. While the focus may be on getting your kids to eat what is on their plate, it helps to look at your own eating habits as well. Children learn by example and often want to eat what they see grown-ups eating.

Make a point to let them see you eating and enjoying the same foods you are serving them.

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Lodge L5HS3 5-Piece Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Cookware Set

  • Set includes: 10.5-inch round griddle, 8-inch skillet, 10.25-inch skillet, 5-Qt. Dutch oven and 10.25-inch iron cover
  • Pre-Seasoned and ready-to-use
  • Superior heat retention and even cooking
  • Use on all cooking surfaces, grills, campfires and oven safe
  • Made in the USA

The Lodge Cast Iron 5-piece set features the most needed cast iron cookware pieces for your kitchen. Cast iron is a multi-functional cookware that works wonders with slow-cooking recipes and all your favorite foods. Cast iron loves a campfire, a stovetop, or an oven, and can slow-cook foods without scorching. It retains heat well so you can sear meat at higher temperatures and will keep your delicious meals warm for a long time. Whether used in a kitchen or camp, theses virtually indestructible Click toRead the rest of the review here…

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User Reviews and Comments

  1. Rom e says

    Thanks for an honest review on the advantages / disadvantages on the
    various types of pots & pans you use. Seems to be nothing but paid reviews
    and infomercials on YouTube

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  2. andrew vanderlaan says

    Aluminium is used in one form or another with most pans most modern pans
    are Aluminium oxide and are very stable with regards reactivity with foods,
    Leaching of minerals from pans is less of a concern all the water we drink
    has more minerals than the leaching we get from pots and pans, the best way
    to ensure your health eat a balanced diet and exercise stop blaming pots
    and pans.

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  3. totmirmis says

    what do you think of aluminium pans with ceramic titanium coating, are they
    safe? i have not been able to find anything that says they are not, but a
    lot of internet sites say “might” not be safe?

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  4. Finbarr Merritt says

    One more superior pot for healthy cooking is the slow cooker or crock-pot
    (with stoneware inner pot, which is nontoxic). Slow cooking better retains
    nutrients, increases digestibility and flavour, more so than most cooking
    methods. It is the best way to cook beans and other foods that tend to be
    tough to break down.

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  5. Beth DeRoos says

    Love all my Le Crueset which is made in France and is enamel cast iron.
    Which means it has enamel outer/inner baked on. And they have something
    like a one hundred year guarantee. And a well seasoned cast iron item
    should not turn water grey/black. Also want to note that ‘hot pan cold oil
    food wont stick’ is a phrase I remember.

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  6. Finbarr Merritt says

    I think it’s very important when buying stainless steel to buy the correct
    grades. 18/10 should be the highest grade and at grade 18/0 you should be
    very cautious to care for it properly (the grades are etched into the pots,
    usually on the bottom). Also, my grandmother used glass pots throughout my
    childhood and they never broke. Cast iron is very safe and the iron that
    leaches into the food is minimal (especially if the pot is old), it has
    been shown to keep blood sufficient of iron levels.

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  7. Humble Pepper says

    Hi Heather, thanks for the video. Just wondering about the stainless steel
    pots. Are they safe to have an encapsulated aluminium bottom if the food
    doesnt touch any aluminium? Like the bottom part of the pan is aluminium,
    but the part where you put the food into is all stainless steel?

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  8. J. Erickson says
    228 of 236 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Easy and non stick, straight out of the box!, June 27, 2012
    J. Erickson (Minnetonka, MN) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Lodge L5HS3 5-Piece Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Cookware Set (Kitchen)
    To give a little background – I had never cooked with cast iron prior to this set. I grew up with teflon, tried out the “titanium waterless cookware” (which was super expensive) and everything burned. I went back to teflon, but my last set was getting all scratched up and needed replacing so I was looking into other options. I had heard through my best friend who is a nutritionist that cast iron is the healthiest and best, but was intimidated by the maintenance. Long story short, after researching everything I decided for the price it was worth trying (half the cost of a Rachael Ray or Paula Deen teflon set). I’m so glad I did! This really is super easy to maintain, I just wipe with a towel after every use and grease slightly with crisco to restore the sheen and they look brand new! I didn’t even have to wash or retreat, as they were non stick right out of the box. I liked that they cook evenly and the only other real “adjustment” I had to make to my cooking style is remembering to wear an oven mit when handling. I’m super pleased with this set and highly recommend it!


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  9. dry hair says
    121 of 137 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Why did I wait so long?, September 13, 2013

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Lodge L5HS3 5-Piece Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Cookware Set (Kitchen)
    I rarely write reviews even though I buy so much stuff on amazon. This cast iron cook set is absolutely awesome. It is such a good value for the money (don’t even talk to me about the $1400 All Clad set I just bought). I bought this for camping but have used it for regular cooking and it works so well. I researched seasoning the iron and decided that I would season with a thin coat of flax seed oil at 500 degrees for an hour. I did this 2 nights in a row and then cooked with them (turn your oven exhaust fan on when seasoning or your smoke detectors will blast away- dont ask me how I know this). One site said do 6 thin coats over 6 days which I may do eventually. Even after 2 thin coats, there was no sticking to chicken curry in the frying pan, and baked banana bread in the dutch oven. I coated a paper towel with oil and left it in the bottom (youtube dutch oven camping trick) and the bread just slid out when turned upside down. The part that did touch the side just wiped off with a paper towel. No washing, no soaking, no scouring needed. The key is keep the iron dry, don’t soak it, keep it well oiled after use (I put a little flax seed oil on after each use). Iron is so much healthier than teflon. It’s so much cheaper than aluminum/copper/steel. I want to send the All Clad back now..


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  10. Kevin d. says
    56 of 71 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    NO MORE TEFLON!, August 29, 2012
    Kevin d. (Falls Church, VA, United States) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Lodge L5HS3 5-Piece Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Cookware Set (Kitchen)
    When I was young I remember mom always going to that big, square, heavy frying pan for breakfast. I couldn’t understand why she was so upset about it when I lost it during a camping trip. Now I know. Real sorry mom.

    This is an excellent starter set. So far I’ve used it for burgers, steaks, eggs, pancakes, pigs-in-a-blanket and now I’m hungry again. If you read a little about cast iron on the Internet you’ll learn about all the virtues. This Lodge set has all those virtues and no flaws I can see IF you do a little more seasoning before using the pieces.

    All of these pieces come pre-seasoned but don’t let that stop you seasoning again. I’ve seen a couple of reviews that make mention the pieces don’t have the non-stick features of cast iron. What I found is by going through the seasoning process before first use and then for the first couple of uses using a little more vegetable oil (I’m using Crisco) then you will have no problems. After each use I clean the pans with fresh water, no soap, put them on a medium burner to dry and add a little more oil. Once properly seasoned at home the cheese stays with the pigs instead of sticking to the pan.

    The set is functional and I think beautiful. I would like to see a small sauce pan and a griddle added to the set as I think these are essential. Also, I purchased the cast-iron Dummies book and found it pretty helpful both in how to care for the cast iron as well as how to cook with it. There are plenty of fun recipes to try out. Another thing I did but not sure it was really necessary was, after reading some reviews of pot holders (these things get HOT and stay hot) there was a suggestion pointing me to gloves used by welders. I picked up a set of those (which I’ll probably review) and they work fine but maybe they are a bit overkill. I don’t know. There are other pot holders from Lodge and other places that might work fine. Just remember – hot. Very hot. And they stay hot. That’s actually one of their virtues but be careful.



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