Chef Kitchen Set amazing collection to add to the 3-year old’s kitchenette featuring a cloth apron with belt holder, dinner knife, food turner, spatula & sauce ladle as well as a frying and sauté pan

The chef coking game involves multiple realistic toy parts, creating a unique pretend play with mock pans, cutlery spoons, as well as real apron made of cloth in a creative playtime; the best welcome gift for kids of age 3 and more. The toy set enjoy a number of bright, vibrant tones of pinkness in a fun, innovative playtime – smooth, rich textures appeal to the preschoolers extensively. The game involves many kinds of stories to it with simulating toy parts that indulge the little ones in a creative, pretend play which is extremely realistic to the fantasy-oriented minds. The kids learn the usage of several elements, obtain the gist of utilization and learn the roles of the toy parts that they shall use in their later life, at some point. Festively colored parts and unique features add immense fun and creative play to the game. Real, appealing colors and tones attract the little ones extensively, allowing them to indulge in the toy game of fun, pretend play. The toy parts are manufactured with top quality materials and components, which are non-easily broken or dented. Strong, durable and excellent quality, along with being waterproof invites usage of all kinds; rash, anxious treatment of eager kids is perfectly compatible with the toy parts. This realistic game set for kids allows a creative learning outcome in the most entertaining manner imaginable. It teaches pretend play of tools and elements that are occupied in everyday life, inculcating within the preschoolers a game discipline that can be implemented in later life. The toy beautifully packaged in a toy box, and guarantees hundred percent satisfaction and entertainment within the kids of all ages, where hassle free refund is also provided upon return of the play set for any reason.

Product Features

  • HELP MOM IN KITCHEN: The printed apron is an adjustable size; made of soft, comfortable clothing material that can be tied at the back with tying ribbons
  • The apron has got a holder belt to keep utensils with you for immediate need. Along with it are two pans- for frying or sautéing. The types of cutlery provided are a large dinner knife, food turner, and a spatula and
  • BON APPETIT: The handles of the pans and cutlery spoon are made of pink plastic in combination with other light tones of green, blue and white, giving a popping effect to the entire set. Could be used both by young girls and boys.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: The Toy play set is packed in a detailed, colorful box with instructions included! 100% satisfaction guaranteed – if you are not happy with the toy for any reason, you can get a hassle free refund.

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