Chinese Cooking Tools – 7 Essential Chinese Cooking Tools!

Chinese cuisine has gradually developed and spread across various places in the US because of across-the-board usage of Chinese cooking equipment that have facilitated the setting of high cooking standards. The equipment is the utensils or tools that are normally used to make various kinds of Chinese dishes. Certified Chinese chefs extensively use seven important utensils to prepare dishes effortlessly in restaurants. These tools are the cleaver, wide-blade spatula, long wooden chopsticks, Chinese Wok, frying strainer, ladle/scoop, and bamboo steamer. We will now study these Chinese cooking equipment carefully.

Amongst the utensils used is the Wok, which plays a central role in the preparation of most of the Chinese food. Carbon steel and cast iron are the materials used in the Wok. Although they occur in various sizes, a majority of people favor the standard sized Wok of 14 inches. This utensil is quite sizeable and broad and can easily hold duck, fish, and chicken together with the extra ingredients. Generally, the wok includes a lid to ensure that the heat and flavor do not escape. Woks with wooden handles are preferred more since they are bad conductors of heat unlike metal grips.

The cleaver is primarily used for chopping in Chinese cooking and is relatively low-priced when compared to stainless steel. Skilled cooks widely use cleavers of carbon steel. These tools are available in different shapes and weights. The third tool used in Chinese cooking is the frying strainer and this is intended for deep-frying various ingredients. The finest strainers are those that are made of wire mesh. Frying strainers fitted with extended bamboo handles are the ideal tools since heat is not conducted through them.

The fourth key tool used in Chinese cooking is the broad-blade Spatula. It has a long grip that makes sure a safe distance is maintained from the heat. The Spatula is designed for scooping and stir frying food. The scoop serves a twofold function of taking out the food from the wok. The wooden chopsticks are mainly used for stirring the food in the wok. These chopsticks are crafted from wood of the finest quality, and hence do not become hot to the touch.

The Bamboo Steamer has a cover and it is to be inserted into the iron wok. It can be used either individually or by mounting collectively. Made of bamboo, the steamer can easily be cleaned by washing with water. Many of the utensils used in Chinese cooking are of multi-use and are a piece of good fortune for food buffs fond of cooking delectable Chinese dishes.

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