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Are you searching for that perfect present to give but cannot find a thing that fits both your pocket book and the occasion? I have always felt that the best gift that you can give is something that has come from your heart instead of your wallet. In these economically trying times giving presents that are shy on price but long on thought is especially prudent.

Not long ago one of my close friends had a birthday coming up and as much as I tried I was just completely stumped as far as what to give her as a present. I was going through an especially difficult time financially and could not afford much, however I really wanted to give her something that showed how much her friendship has meant through the years. One day I was looking for a good chocolate recipe to make for dessert and it dawned on me! I decided to create a special recipe box for her.

As a chef hobbyist recipes have constantly fascinated me. Each and every one of them had a beginning. They were dreamt up by somebody. Was it a World War II war bride developing a special cake to commemorate the safe return of her husband from war? Or was it a recipe concocted by a busy mom trying to get her family fed a wholesome meal? Think about your most liked recipe. Where did it come from?

A frequent premise in my family seems to be the chocolate recipe. So when I was looking for a memorable gift I decided to organize a chocolate recipe compilation and fashion it into a remembrance box. My friend told me later that through the years she has been admired by every person who had seen it. She also confided in me that as a result of the thought that went into it, this was one the most loved presents that she has received.

In putting together this box I included my favorite recipes, photos from a party (sporting a chocolate birthday cake of course), and some containers filled with all the fixings for a few of my recipes. I had a lot of fun garnishing the outer surface of the box. First I pasted a variety of recipes on the outside of the box, a few on each side, and my favorite chocolate recipe on top. Then I added pictures of delicious deserts to fill in the rest of the space and covered it with decoupage. When I got such a thrilled response about this present I set my mind to finding other imspired present ideas. Since then Ive made recipe scrapbooks, spiral bound cookbooks, and numerous varieties of recipe in a jar.

Time and again families have recipes that have become an integral element in their family history, passing down recipes and the stories revolving around them for many years. Others are now just beginning to cultivate family traditions.

In any case making a personalized gift is sure to be a enormous hit. As a chocoholic myself I cannot envision anybody who would not enormously adore a chocolate recipe box as a gift. But for those of you who are not quite as fixated with chocolate as I am, feel free to use any of your favorite recipes.

Whether it is for a friend, relative, or co-worker I have found that everyone has been estatic to receive one of these as a gift.

Do you often dream at night of that perfect chocolate recipe ? Then you may be a chocoholic like me! I have spent years writing down the best of the best recipes from family, friends, and the internet. Visit my blog for mouth-watering chocolate cookie, cake, and drink recipes , and more.


* More info about recipe here:

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!! Whether you’re spending this day with a loved one, your friends, or simply yourself, I hope you will get a chance to show your appreciation for them by making these two gifts for them (or yourself! nothing wrong with that :)).

I would also like to thank Stephanie from 52 Kitchen Adventures for her version of the Nutella cupcake. You can visit her website here: Please tell her I said “Hi” if you get a chance to visit her amazing website! I used the recipe that was posted on her website and altered some of it to fit my own personal liking and to add several other “secret” ingredients to make the cupcakes softer (though it’s not really a secret now haha). You can also find out some tips on making moister cupcakes on my blog!

I hope you guys have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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Disclaimer: I bought most of the things myself except for the….uh….Nutella. I might have went to my parent’s house and stole their jar of Nutella. But don’t tell them ok?! 😉

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