Choosing A Quality Cookware Set

The role of a good cook ware in the preparation of a sumptuous meal cannot be overemphasized. When one consider purchasing a good cookware the first point that comes to the mind is the budget.

Buying a standard cookware within ones budget and at the same time obtaining all the pieces and features one has in mind is no simple task.

If you belong to the category of people who take cooking a bit seriously you need spend some more time to look into the various aspects of a good cookware from the material from which it is made, to the number of pieces, features and the quality.

The first factor to be considered is the material in which the cookware is made.

The first option is the stainless steel that is most popular, durable and convenient. It is also the most popular cookware material in North America being highly resistant against wear and tear and at the same time less expensive. It is also subject to criticism as the metals like iron, nickel, and chromium used in this alloy is said to create health hazards.

The other option for the home maker is the ceramic pottery, enamel or glass cookware.

All these materials can be easily cleaned and are also heat resistant.

The latest addition to this category is the plastic ware used for both cooking and storing. It has the advantage of being light weight, unbreakable and also being used in Micro wave ovens where other metals are not suitable.

Cast iron cookware is normally pre coated with unsalted fat and heated to avoid rusting in the absence of porcelain coating.

The stainless cookware is to be washed in soapy water or warm ammonia with water solution. The cookware is to be rinsed and dried to obviate water spots in the cookware.

Never one need use chlorine or alcohol instead only some mild cleaners. The copper cookware are to be cleaned by a commercial cleaner or a home made mixture of salt, flour citric acid, and ammonia if applied before washing would also serve the purpose.

While copper cookware is highly expensive the stainless cookware with copper bottom is lesser costly. The copper bottom cookware does not spread the heat evenly and the bottom of the food gets heated faster and there are chances that the food at the bottom may get burned.

One need to buy a cookware that is less expensive, durable, and that distribute the heat evenly.

Cooking pans with hot spots cooks at various speed at different spots and make cooking most unpleasant… The cookware made of cast iron, copper and aluminum may result in the food cooked to absorb the metal taste and sometimes even the metal content to get transferred to food. The fact remaining so, copper bowls are immensely useful in beating egg whites.

Though aluminum is the least expensive it may cause reaction with certain type of food. If one chooses the Aluminum cookware the anodized is the best choice.

One need to remember that no cookware can be considered as the perfect and the most suitable for cooking on all occasions or for cooking of all types of foods. The ideal cookware depends on your budget, your cooking preferences and the food habits.

However cookware made of stainless steel could be recommended as an ideal choice considering its price, economic life, easy cleaning, and less or no reaction with the food. No wonder it is also the most popular and sought after cookware in North America.

This is a cookware review of Lodge ASHH41 Silicone Hot Handle Holder, Red. Hope it helps!

Lodge ASHH41 Silicone Hot Handle Holder, Red

  • Protects hands from heat up to 450-degrees F
  • Offers a secure, comfortable grip
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Slide onto hot handle
  • 5-5/8-inch by 2-inch

This red silicone handle holders are heat-resistant and a great addition to any kitchen. Just slide the holder onto the hot handle and remove pots and pans with ease. The special silicone offers protection up to 450-Degree. Creates a safe and comfortable grip of hot cookware handles. This handle holder is flexible enough to store compactly in a drawer. Available in a rainbow of different colors and is dishwasher-safe. Read the full review here…

List Price: $ 6.00


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  1. 154 of 161 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Right material, 1-size-fits-all design fails…, November 3, 2011
    7 “7” (Planet Earth) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    EDIT: Now that I have about a month using these holders under my belt, I’ve learned more how to use them better. Still, my original review below pretty much stands. So, I found that trying to firmly grasp the silicone handles the way you would using a cloth isn’t the best way to go about using these handles. Using a looser grip allowing the front bottom of the holder to sit on your index finger and the rear top of the holder to press up against your palm provides a much better grip and control of the pan. It’s a looser bottom-front and top-rear balance that works best. This method even mostly negates the lubrication effect from modestly oily pan handles. You still don’t want oily handles or you’re asking for it. So try that looser balancing grip instead of the firm clench grip. 🙂

    Also, a note on the cloth Hot Handles that are supposedly-silicone lined. Um, they’re not silicone-lined. At least not with any kind of silicone I’ve ever seen. And don’t ask me why, but the multi-colored hot pepper design holder is a bit bigger and its interior just looks like the metalized cloth we’ve been using on the contact surface of cloth oven mitts for decades. The red hot pepper design has a cream colored teri cloth inside and is just a bit smaller than the multi-colored pepper holders. I like the multi-colored pepper holders the best both for the interior, feel and pattern.

    If I’m cooking on low heat I leave the silicone handles on. If I’m sauteeing, and therefore flipping, or if I’m using higher heat I use the cloth handles and put ’em on as needed and remove ’em when done.


    Okay, I will take for granted that if you’re reading this you already have a Lodge cast iron pan(s). They are fantastic pans that have reignited my love of cooking. My Analon Pro pans sit in the cupboard doing nothing now other than loan their great glass lids to the Lodge pans.

    But this isn’t about the pans. Despite their very humble price, all of us who own Lodge know that they are superior pans already. This is about this handle holder. If you’ve used silicone in the past as a pot holder or oven mitt, you know that it is an excellent heat barrier and very very easy to clean and dries almost instantly. This holder is no different. It can be left on the pans even when they are on medium high heat and though they get hot, not hot enough so the pan can’t be lifted.

    The problem with this holder is that it only comes in one size and is internally deeply ribbed (presumably to create an air channel and less contact for cooling efficiency). I have 6.5″ through 15″ Lodge pans. Each handle is a different size and shape. The 6.5″ is so small that this holder allows the handle to just slosh around inside. The only way to get a confident grip on the pan with the holder on is to really squeeze down on the holder. As the holder is quite thick, it won’t fold over and the internal ribs prevent real compression of the holder. Sort of a spring action. In short, the little handle is so short and narrow that this holder just swallows it up and confident grasp is really not possible. Factor this in with the fact that oil/grease finds its way up cast iron handles and you have a real issue because of the internal ribs. There is very little actual contact between the holder and the handle because of these ribs. Good for low heat transfer. REALLY bad for grabbing the handle.

    But who uses such tiny pans other than myself? Let’s talk about the 10″ that everybody uses. The fit here is much much better. Still, not snug enough. Unlike with the 6.5″ pan, heft and weight of the pan is an issue. Though the fit is more snug, the greater effort maneuvering the 10″ gives a less-than-confident feeling. I like to sautee so I flip my pans a lot. Yes, even heavy cast iron pans. Not with this holder on the handle. The ribs simply limit contact with the pan far too much. It’s back to the trusty old cloth for sauteeing… ANY grease on the handle and the holder becomes a lubricated sleeve that can actually spin around the handle.

    The 15″ pan’s handle fits about the same in the holder as the 10″ though it reaches closer to the holder’s tip.

    In summary, this holder is fine for simply grabbing the pan and rotating it on the burner or for holding the pan as you stir its contents or for two-handed lifts using the helper handle (and hey, where’s the helper handle holders???). For sauteeing or one-handed lifts (or even two-handed lifts by the main handle only), the poor grip (even lubricated SLIDING) of this holder really limits its usefulness as a handle holder.

    I’ve ordered the Lodge cloth-exteriored (but still internally silicone-lined) holders hoping for better grip. I understand that those handles can’t be left on the pans. I’ll use them as a replacement for a cloth. Hopefully there aren’t any internal ribs on those holders or they’ll get sent back prior to use…

    Read more

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  2. 91 of 95 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Good, but not perfect, June 3, 2012
    Spiced Rum (USA) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Lodge ASHH41 Silicone Hot Handle Holder, Red (Kitchen)
    While not absolutely perfect, this is the best solution for hot cast iron handles I have come across.

    1) Avoids the problem of forgetting the cast iron pan handle it hot and burning yourself. You can leave it on while using it on the stovetop.
    2) This silicone holder has several advantages over a cloth handle holder or potholder:
    . a) You can leave this on a gas burner when using the pan. NOT something you can do with a cloth because of fire concerns.
    . b) The silicone material can get wet without losing its insulating qualities.
    . c) If it gets oily it can easily be washed and reused much quicker than cloth. It can be put in a dishwasher.

    1) It fits kind of loose on a pan handle. This requires you to “be aware” of how to grip it right so the pan doesn’t slip out of your grip. This is not difficult, just that the grip is not as solid as no holder at all.
    2) While I haven’t had any issues yet, the silicone could break down under extreme heat (more than 450 °F according to Lodge). This might only be an issue while using on a gas burner, as the heat can “lick up” and be more intense in the handle area than electric. I use gas, so I back the holder off a smidge from the edge while using on gas. This in turn makes the grip issue a little worse, but still usable. However, it is still better than no holder at all or cloth, as those have greater risks.
    3) You can’t leave it on when using a pan in the oven. The silicone gets too hot to touch. While you CAN slip it on the hot pan to take it out, you can also just use a regular glove or potholder. Not really a huge advantage for oven use.
    4) A TIP I’VE LEARNED THE HARD WAY with a burned finger: the holder has a small hole in one side, place it “up” on a handle so you can see it. If it’s on the bottom, you can inadvertently grab it and get burned by the pan through the hole. Ouch!

    Considering the extreme requirements for a handle holder, this is a good product and I can think of no better solution for a gas burner. Definitely saves you from a burned hand!


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  3. 36 of 38 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Carpe Diem (Northeast US) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Lodge ASHH41 Silicone Hot Handle Holder, Red (Kitchen)
    I own both the lodge seasoned cast iron and the Lodge ceramic enameled cast iron. I was hesitant to buy this product because of all the reviews that said the handle holder was too big and sloppy. Put your mind at rest! If you are buying for the Seasoned Cast Iron the reviews are right. This product was not designed for those at least not from what i could tell. If you are looking for those use these “Lodge Max Temp Handle Mitt, Black”. These Silicone hot handle holders work perfectly for the enamel covered cast iron pans from Lodge. I can attest to that. They are tight and hold snug and go all the to the base of the product. For its purpose i give these 5 stars (as you can see). Just remember these are for the LODGE ENAMELED PRODUCTS not the seasoned cast iron.

    I also own 2 pieces of Le Creuset cookware that these fit perfectly on too!


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