Cooking Ranges – The Important Things We Need To Know

Cooking ranges are traditional appliances every kitchen needs. Whether it comes in a customary style, or the clean, sophisticated model, a cooking range will always serve as the heart of a kitchen.

Manufacturers have taken the art of making distinctive, efficient, economical and highly-versatile cooking range designs to meet the standards of pleasurable cooking. Some models run on gas, others run on electric ranges, and a few ones run in a combination of both. But among the traditional stoves, cooking ranges are the most convenient and energy-efficient.

The cost of using an electric range is very low compared to gas and dual powered ranges for those who live in areas where electricity is freely available. In today’s more than 55 percent American households cooking with electricity, many homeowners prefer buying electric cooking ranges for their kitchen. Although many electric stoves offer fairly precise heating, gas stoves are still most practical for those who live in areas where primary source of power is propane or natural gas.

In electric cooking ranges, the coils are set higher than the surface of the range top so the elevated position can hold any cookware. The direct contact with the heat source also allows pans or pots to heat very quickly. Open top cooking ranges are either gas burners or electric radiants with an oven underneath.

Electric cooking ranges come with deep drip pans that catch food spills while cooking. This is essential to keep your range neat and tidy giving your food the fresh appearance while cooking. Innovative electric range models use radiant elements as burners instead of traditional coil burners. As radiant elements use radiant energy to expressly conduct heat to the cookware helping food to cook very fast.

Gas-based cooking ranges are far more environment-friendly than electric gas ranges. Although gas cooking ranges can be expensive than their electric counterparts, they use less energy as the fuel is delivered directly to the home and used directly for cooking. The range flames can be adjusted to provide changeable heating while cooking, which follows the importance of picking a gas range model with electric ignition to light up the burner.

There is a variety of cooking ranges based on their configuration:

Open Top Cooking Ranges can operate in both gas, or electricity in either burner or radiants with an oven beneath. This cooking range is fuel efficient as the pans are in direct contact with the burners resulting in quick heating-up. It is advisable to get a range with at least one bigger burner to house larger cooking pans.

Solid Tops have a hard cast iron range top heated by either gas burners or electric elements. Some contain the radiant heat element below a glass or ceramic top, in which case the top of the stove is easy to clean. It has the advantage of accommodating more pans compared to open burner ranges, despite the fact that it can be inefficient on energy where there are vacant areas of the top being heated.

Boiling Table Ranges are almost identical with typical cooking ranges. It may come with four to six burner boiling tables which can be controlled individually. The top is exactly the same as a standard cooking range, but with no oven underneath where the space can be used as storage area for pans. This is practical for reducing the buying cost when there is already adequate oven capacity in the kitchen.

Modular Island Suites and Island Suites are facilitated with cooking units that a kitchen needs. It can provide with different options of a charcoal grill, griddle, oven, fryer, pasta cooker, or any type of cooking process. Since a one-piece island suite is patterned on the classic tradition of island suites, they ideally settle with dry heat cooking rather than the contribution of fryers and water-based cookers as part of the configuration.

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  1. The Restaurant Guru says

    I opened my 1st restaurant in a "location" that was "snake bit" according to 3 banks I met with. ANY location can work with right concept. Although a good location can help, if your restaurant is a "destination", location is not nearly as important.

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  2. Joe Opolka says

    Hi Ryan,
    Wondering if you have any videos on business plans? i have a concept and a location that I feel is perfect for what I want to do. I've been a chef for a while and this is my first time trying to go out and own/lease a place. Any suggestions?

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  3. Che Ribeiro de Souza says

    i have decided to open a restaurant at my house its a really big house, its in a residential area but on a main road, i think this is a hot spot and i won't have to worry about rent since i live here, is there any legal to open a restaurant in a residential area?

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  4. Ali Al-Zaabi says

    I have decided to open up a restaurant, but I started with a cheap location just so I know the exact procedures of opening up a restaurant/coffee shop and what I need etc. As I am new to the business.
    Do you think this is a good idea?

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