Cooking Utensils For Stainless Steel Cookware

Choosing cooking utensils for stainless steel cookware can be a tricky business, because your pots and pans are liable to be fairly costly and therefore expected to last a long time. There is nothing as satisfying as cooking with a beautiful set of pans, and they can convert a chore into a joy. However, your cookware has to be looked after properly, no matter it is made from, and stainless steel possesses its own unique properties that demand a certain type of care and attention, and that starts with the cooking utensils you use with it.

When they purchase a set of pots or pans, many people consider buying the non-stick variety because they are said to be easier to use than any other is. These are generally made from aluminium with a non-stick PTFE coating, and are usually relatively inexpensive. However, they will not last as long as stainless steel cookware because the coating tends to be removed after which the cookware should be discarded.

It is claimed that the black flecks from damaged coatings don’t harm you if it gets into your food, but would you really like to eat it yourself? Would really like your children to eat it? This coating is made from polymers made from substances that are harmful to your health, so why not go for something nice, bright and clean.

It is very difficult to beat a set of beautiful stainless steel cookware for looks and durability, but you still have to exercise some care when using them. Stainless steel looks bright and shiny, but it does not conduct heat well, and people tend to turn the heat up too high to compensate for this.

Once the heat does get through, the food tends to burn at the bottom and can be difficult to remove. For that reason, it is wise to purchase a set with copper or aluminium bonded onto the base to improve heat conduction. The implements for stainless steel cookware should also be carefully selected if you want to retain the good looks of your set.

Wooden Cooking Utensils

Stainless steel pans can last for years if you use wooden cooking utensils such as a good wooden spoon while you are cooking. Wood won’t scratch and ruin your pan, and wooden spoons have been used for many years in professional cooking. They can be obtained with various handle sizes to help you with cookery tasks, and before you use a wooden spoon, you should soak it in water in order to expand the wood and reduce the size of the pores in the wood to enable you to clean it easier after cooking.

Such spoons do not get hot due to the poor heat conduction properties of wood, and so you can handle these implements without getting your hands burned. The problem with wood is that while wooden spatulas are common, you will be unable to find a complete range of wooden cooking utensils, and so some of your implements will have to be metal.

Stainless Steel Cooking Utensils

Other good cooking utensils for stainless steel cookware are stainless themselves, because these will also tend not to scratch stainless steel pots. Stainless cooking utensils are available in a wide range of types and sizes, and are also very easy to clean – easier than wooden spoons, although they are also more expensive. Your stainless utensils should be cleaned using hot water and a soft sponge with the minimum detergent. Try not to scratch them with abrasive powers or soap pads because once roughened up they can scratch your pots and pans in turn.

Plastic Cooking Utensils

Others use silicone kitchen implements, which are popular to use with stainless steel cookware because they bend slightly and will not scratch the pot either. Other plastic cooking utensils, such as polypropylene spoons or spatulas can also be used, but be careful with some plastics, because if it’s a hard plastic and you press too hard then you could scratch the pan. If you buy the more expensive plastic tools that are heat resistant to 600 degrees then you will not have the problem of melting plastic kitchen utensils.

Never use sharp implements in the pan, unless silicone or wood, because they will scratch it, particularly when the pan is hot since the metal will be softer. Furthermore, be very careful when using metal whisks in such cookware, because this might cause scratching if you brush against the sides of the pot or basin.

When you use stainless steel pans, you must heat the oil in the pan first before using it in order in order to help prevent burning. Once you have finished using the pan it is advisable to rinse it under a tap while the pan is still hot and wipe it clean afterwards with a paper towel. Do not use soap or any type of detergent.

You be delighted that you have chosen the correct cooking utensils for stainless steel cookware, and that you have cared for your pots and pans correctly, because they will continue to sparkle and look great even after years of constant use. They are like anything else that is beautiful when purchased: treat them with care and look after them properly, and they will stay beautiful for as long as you continue to do so.

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