Cookware Choices For Creative Cooks

Choosing cookware for your kitchen can be confusing, especially when there are so many different products available on the market. The best option is to buy something that’s of good quality as it should last for a long time; this may mean that your cookware is fairly expensive but you should regard it as an investment. It can sometimes be tempting to buy cheaper brands when buying for the kitchen but this probably till cost you more money in the long run and may ruin some of your meals as the non-stick surfaces just won’t be as well-made.

Here we shall look at three brands of cookware and which makes are currently the most competitive on the market. The first big brand in kitchenware is Clad, which is constructed so that all products are made with adequate heat conduction, this is achieved with the cookware being lined with either aluminium or copper. Both of these materials are excellent conductors of heat and ensure that your food is cooked well and evenly. Style is also a huge plus for Clad products and combined with strict monitoring of production you never need worry that your products are not of best quality.

The next big brand we are looking at for cookware is the Viking range, which is well known for its good quality and distinctive stainless steel look that looks great in any kitchen. Viking produce their cookware using an exclusive 7 ply constructed stainless steel and aluminium alloys. Their ergonomic handles are created so that they stay cool when the pan itself is extremely hot and the pans are able to be used on any type of heating surface, from halogen to ceramic, gas and electric. Viking however is quite costly, but you are paying for high quality cookware.

Lastly, another brand to consider when choosing your cookware is Le Creuset who have been making kitchen accessories for over eighty years. The products themselves are made out of enamelled cast iron which has been used since the middle ages. All the cookware is polished and sanded by hand after it comes out of the mould and checked thoroughly for any imperfections. After it has reached this point in the process the items are sprayed with two types of enamel and fired at 800 degrees. Le Creuset items are each unique as everyone is hand finished. Again, this brand is rather pricey but once you experience the quality of the make you can appreciate why.

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