September 28, 2020

Cookware & Good Hygiene

Preparing a scrumptious meal for guest is a great accomplishment. Many people neglect one of the most important things and that is cleanliness.

There are people who assume that personal hygiene is for cooks who work in restaurant kitchens. Personal hygiene is for everyone that prepares a meal for themselves or someone else.

It would be a horror if one could spy on a cook and watch them throughout the course of the day. There hands are full of germs and they havent even washed their hands all day.

Then suddenly, they decide to bake cookies for their guest. Imagine someone with germs clinging to their hands rolling dough for homemade cookies that you eat. This is how many people contract a variety of illnesses beyond the common cold or flu.

This is a serious matter and a good cook shouldnt take it lightly.

Smart cooks make sure that they always clean and store their cookware in its proper place as soon as they are finished using it. When the dinner is over, they can relax because the do not have anything to put away.

Lazy cooks become discouraged when they see the pile of cookware form into a mountain of dirty pots and pans. Some people go days without cleaning.

Make sure that you use memorize your approved cleansing techniques for your cookware. Read the manufactures cleaning directions carefully.

When a cook skips steps and doesnt follow through on the proper cleansing techniques this will cause bacteria buildup. It can even cause your food to become contaminated. It would be one embarrassing moment that will never be forgotten by your guest.

Imagine the paramedics pulling up in front of your home because one of your guest were food poisoned by your famous tuna casserole. All because you didnt take the proper amount of time to thoroughly and properly cleanse your cookware.

There are a few things that a cook should never engage and the top item of the day is improper cleaning habits. Never place a pot filled with food into the refrigerator immediately after removing it from the oven.

Allow a few minutes to cool or even an hour to cool. This will cause the food to spoil.

Never use your cookware for other purposes other than cooking a meal. Never use your famous cookware set to collect water from a leaky roof.

Never use any kitchen utensils to other than kitchen use and if you do, do not use it to prepare your next meal.


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