September 26, 2020

Copper Bottom Cookware Makes Preparing Great Meals Easy

Have you ever wondered why copper bottom cookware is so popular? This isn’t because they have some big endorsement deal. There are at least four very strong reasons to fall in love with copper bottom cookware.

We’ll start by not even mentioning food preparation in reason number one. Looks matter in the kitchen and this cookware looks great. Copper looks great, and so does the stainless steel usually used for the tops of these pans. The contrast between the two creates a very nice appearance. The copper used in this cookware has a nice, rustic look. It gives off a feeling of warmth. The metallic beauty of the upper portion meanwhile evokes a beautiful and modern design. Home kitchens and restaurant kitchens both benefit from the look. It’s why you frequently see this cookware hanging from ceiling racks or wall racks. People enjoy looking at it.

The second reason you should consider copper bottom cookware is more pragmatic. When it comes to conducting heat, copper is a great metal.That’s good news for cooks because it allows pots and pans to heat evenly. You won’t find yourself dealing with scorched food in one area and undercooked elements in another. You can count on copper bottom cookware to retain a consistent temperature across the whole of the cooking surface. Anyone who’s dealt with pans made of a less conductive metal that’s unable to evenly distribute heat will appreciate the difference a copper bottom can make.

But there’s another reason copper bottom cookware is great for cooking. Copper is an incredibly responsive metal in addition to being a great conductor. When cooking it’s sometimes necessary to adjust the heat under the pan. Copper responds very fast to the change. You therefore have more control over the food when you are preparing a meal. If your pan is overheated you can adjust the burner and the copper will respond quickly. Likewise you won’t have to wait for the pan to respond if you need a fast burst of heat. Turn up the burner and your pan responds immediately.

Our last reason simply has to do with the weight of the pan. Copper is very light when compared to the other popular materials. If you have any questions about this, pick up a copper bottom frying pan in one hand and a cast iron pan in the other. A lot of foods require you to manipulate the pot or pan during the cooking process. With copper bottom cookware the lighter weight makes this easy. Plus it’s just plain easier to handle something when it weighs less. A flick of the wrist is all it takes to slip a pancake in a copper bottom pan. Don’t try that using a case iron skillet. If you do, you’ll soon regret your choice of cookware.

Those four reasons should be enough to convince you that copper bottom cookware is a wise choice. Now you understand why so many cooks prefer this cookware. It looks good, is very conductive and responsive, and easy to handle. If you are buying cookware, what else are you looking for? If there is one disadvantage it is that copper is a little bit harder to clean. But the advantages far outweigh that one small problem.

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