Discovering the Joy of Cooking

People say that the surest way that a woman will get to a man’s heart is through his stomach. That is true. In the course of history, no person has ever said no to food. Cooking is a universal favorite and it has done much to human being – livelihood, entertainment, etc. Indeed, the joy of cooking is undoubtable.

Before fire was discovered by man, human beings used to eat their food raw and fresh from a catch. Over time, they have learned which food can be eaten raw without any undesired effects to the body. Aside from seafood, they have learned that fruits, vegetables and insects can be eaten raw.

The joy of cooking has been discovered by man a long time ago. The concept of cooking started even before fire and pottery was discovered and invented. Man has a need to survive. In order to survive, one has to eat. It is this physiological need that made man discover the importance of eating.

There are two types of cooking. They are cuisine bourgeois, or home cooking, and haute cuisine. Haute cuisine is the form of cooking that seeks to find pleasure. In principle, the differences of the two are laid between practical skills in cooking and the artistic way of cooking. In actual, on the other hand, the two principles cannot be identified. It has remained in vague for years. This was further increased by home cooks who are now better equipped, well informed, and well supplied than they were in the past. But whatever type cooking maybe, anyone will always feel the joy of cooking.

Over time, the joy of cooking became an art form, so much so that it became a profession and named it Culinary Arts. Many individuals have sought to study this profession, studied the art of cooking and came up with its different forms.

To date, there have been five identified forms of cooking, all established with the use of heat. The first form is cooking through the use of liquids. This includes poaching, stewing, and boiling. Another form is cooking with the use of fats and oil or more commonly called frying. Next is cooking through exposure to vapor such as braising and steaming. Last is cooking by exposing to dry heat such as roasting, broiling, and baking.

There are five forms of cooking with the help of heat. They include cooking through liquid, like boiling, poaching, and stewing; cooking in fats and oil, or frying; coking by exposing to vapor, like steaming, poaching, and braising; exposing to dry heat, like baking, broiling, and roasting; and subjecting to hot oil or sauting. So, in whatever forms you may wish to cook, just feel the joy of cooking.

Everybody loves to eat food, however, cooking it in different ways made eating food a much more memorable experience. It is this appreciation that man needs to feel in order to understand the joy of cooking.

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