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A normal term for all various kinds of waffles is currently famous as Belgian waffles. Today many different Belgian waffle recipes come in their waffle compilation. Amazingly, these waffles taste very good. Earlier it was named following a country Belgium and today it has become popular around the globe. Once we come across waffles our mouths starts watering as they are crispy and lightweight.

They are also available in variety of flavors by placing toppings on them. Waffles can be taken like a breakfast in addition to some dry fruits, cream and chocolate toppings. The crispness and the lightness in the waffle are mainly due to the utilization of yeast and egg-whites. The outstanding thing in waffles is their size.The best Belgian waffle recipe will always make usage of yeast.

The Belgian waffle recipe without yeast won’t allow it to be soft, fluffy and delectable. In the place of yeast, baking powder or cake flour can also be used. But utilization of yeast is beneficial to obtain good result. Belgian waffles are of two types.

One is Brussels waffles and the other is Liege waffles however the famous is Brussels waffles. Here we are planning to discuss a Belgian waffle recipe. The ingredients necessary for this are medium eggs 4, 2 sticks butter, dried yeast of 1 sachet, 500 mg of all purpose flour, dairy, some salt and vanilla sugar.

First heat a cupful of milk till in low flame till it becomes lukewarm. Then mix the yeast in the milk and then leave it for sometime. In this time around gap melt the butter and stop when it has melted. Go ahead and take egg white from the yolks and beat it unless you get snow.

Now mix vanilla sugar, flour and salt with the combination of yeast and egg snow in a huge bowl. It has to be mixed really well so that there remains no lumps. The density of this mixture needs to be thicker than pancakes. This dough should be left for sometime until the quantity increases. Then pour it in waffle iron and bake them until golden brown color is reached. Now the waffle gets ready.

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