Easy Grip Kitchen Knife Set, 6 Piece Modern, Colored, Stainless Steel Knives by YumYum Utensils

Enjoy Cooking Again with New Easy Grip Kitchen Knives.
The only knives with Easy Grip handles and stunning non-stick blades that together make cutting and chopping a breeze.
Is cooking no longer fun? Is all the prep work taking the enjoyment out of it?
Save time and money and enjoy cooking again with the easiest knives you will ever use!

Save Time Preparing Food – Cooking Just Got Easier
Incredibly sharp! And maintains an awesome stainless steel edge
Glide through vegetables with the non-stick coating
Incredibly comfortable because of the Easy Grip thumb and finger pressure areas
Ergonomic design puts pressure into the blade not your wrists and hands

Safe, Non-Slip Handles Even When Wet
Textured, Easy Grip handles provide secure grip
Easy Wash-Up with non-stick coating

Save Money With Lasting Quality
Thick blades and sturdy Easy Grip handles transfers pressure smoothly to the blade, therefore the handle takes less strain, lasting much longer
Lasting Quality backed by a 10 YEAR GUARANTEE!

Great Gift Set
Attractive gift box with felt inlay
Knives Included: 8inch chef’s, 8″ bread, 8″ carving, 7″ Santoku , 5″ utility, 3.5″ paring
BONUS eBOOK Easy Roasts for Busy Cooks, over 50 Delicious Roasts. Emailed to you shortly after purchase

10 Year Guarantee
The Easy Grip kitchen knife set is the only knife set you need to make cooking, easy, time-saving and fun again.

Order your Easy Grip Kitchen Knife Set today and start enjoying cooking again!

Product Features

  • EASY GRIP KNIVES MAKE COOKING EASIER; Ergonomic handles with thumb and finger pressure areas make the Easy Grip handles incredibly comfortable and secure, even when wet; Your hands and wrists will no longer take the strain, allowing you to cut with a professional and graceful ease; Enjoy preparing food as much as your family will love savouring every delicious mouthful; We guarantee these are the most comfortable knives you will ever use or your Money-Back.
  • ENJOY SAVING MONEY WITH PREMIUM QUALITY; Solid, non stick blades and sturdy, durable Easy Grip handles means these knives last much, much longer than even the best knife sets. We’ve even included a BONUS eBook, ‘Easy Roasts for Busy Cooks – Over 50 Delicious Roasts’. Valued at $5.95 it will be emailed shortly after purchase absolutely FREE.
  • EASY MEAL MAKING; Incredibly sharp stainless steel edges and a remarkable non-stick coating allows them to glide effortlessly through even the thickest foods; Feel like a top culinary chef as every chop, slice and cut will be the quickest and easiest you’ve ever known, preparing family meals suddenly got a whole lot quicker and easier.
  • ENJOY A BRIGHTER KITCHEN; With a burst of bright colors these beautiful knives will bring your kitchen to life. This is a hugely attractive, contemporary, modern knife set in wonderful two tone colors that sweep beautifully from handle to blade. Knives included; 8 inch chef’s knife, 8 inch bread knife, 8 inch carving knife, 7 inch Santoku knife, 5 inch utility knife, 3.5 inch Paring knife.
  • ENJOY LONG LASTING VALUE WITH A 10 YEAR GUARANTEE; The incredible blade strength and unique Easy Grip handle offers long lasting quality, meaning we can give you a 10 Year Guarantee with absolute confidence.

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User Reviews and Comments

  1. Babs says

    These are some sharp-looking knives! This is a quality 6-piece knife set! I received the product for reviewing purposes and I could not be happier. Honestly, I wish there was a way to give this set more than 5 stars.I have to start with the packaging because it was so good. Usually when products arrive is high-quality packaging, you are also receiving a quality product. Each knife had an individual slot lined with a velvet-like material to protect the knives and they were displayed nicely in the box.The…

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  2. Mickie Cook says

    Im loving the nice bright colors. I got this 6 piece colored set to add to my Kitchen utencils. I love the different bright colors. To me they are very attractive. They have duel grip handles with the two tone colors.They are thick handles for easy gripping as well. Compared to other knifes like the wooden handles, or the plastic handles. This is a big plus for me.The knifes are extreamly sharp. They do come with plastic tips to protect the the top. I would have liked to seen them come with complete covers for the…

    View Comment
  3. Melissa Jean says

    Very nice kitchen knife set for home, not exactly a gift box for gift giving I received this product on time. It is a beautiful set. An array of styles of knives coming in all different beautiful colors. Sharp and ready to use. The packaging was fine. The only thing is it says its in a gift box, but really, its just a regular box the knives come in, not a “gift type” box. With that being said… However, these knives are for my own kitchen so it does not effect anything. I think it’s a great deal and an AWESOME knife set. I like it a lot. And will be using them…

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