Excellent French Cooking Schools

While French cooking classes are common and often being misunderstood to be French culinary schools, both have distinctive differences. The schools will offer longer period classes and lead to more immersion but the cooking classes will be some short term courses, perhaps combined with a little vacation. There are several top culinary schools to select from.

One of the best listed cooking schools is the Le Cordon Bleu, having up to 13 branches in several cities in United States. Apart from the common cooking course, it offers also other cooking related programs and any certifications approved by Le Cordon Bleu are noted to be prestigious. Being extremely famous for its superiority in culinary art, this school offers the best French cooking programs in the world. Another school popular at the international arena is the International Culinary Center. This is one prominent institution in New York city, having the utmost excellent standards, world-class facilities and high-class educators to lead students in the cooking industry. This is an astounding platform to establish your own food outlet or be a professional chef.

In the list of French cooking schools, Gulf Coast Culinary Institute at Faulkner College marks a second position. This college is accredited by the American Culinary Federation Educational Institute and albeit so, the tuition fee is never beyond affordable. This school is well renowned for its experienced chefs and cooking instructors who give interesting cooking lessons. Learning here is even easier with the supportive faculty and conducive environment. The school that comes after it is the Culinary Institute of America’s Greystone Campus. This school aims at producing students well equipped of all practical skills. The course they offer come with hands-on experience and in-depth study of the culinary arts.

Apart from those, there are traditional cooking schools such as the Rhode School of Cuisine and French Cooking School Vacations. The Rhode School is perfect for the culinary holiday as it offers common cooking classes aside from their famous vacation-cooking lessons in Providence where the luxury villa Le Mas des Olivers can be enjoyed by guests. French Cooking School Vacations offer options like Normandy and Gascony, specializing in the most native French cooking style.

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