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by bcmom

There is a time where our potential is limited by the choices, but there is also a time whereby we still do not do well in spite of being spoiled of choices because we lack of understanding and knowledge. Deep as it sound, it does apply in selecting the most suitable type of cookware, as the proper ones can help ones cooking.

The stainless steel cookware, as the name suggest, is one of the most versatile cookware as it is of tough material. The tough feature of the stainless steel contributes to its safety as a cookware, and from here, it can used be prepare dishes which requires long time cooking. Despite its toughness, it does not distribute heat evenly as it has low heat conductivity, thus making it unsuitable for bakery.

Next is the cast iron. The cast iron is considered close to perfection as a cookware. Due to its excellence in heat conduction and cooking quality, it is claimed the best cookware by many people. The only thing that separates it from perfection is its practicability. Seasoning, whereby oil is used for coating the surface of the cookware to prevent rust and maintain quality.

Furthering from cast iron, the Chinese wok is one of the most unique cookware invented. The shape contributes to its uniqueness, whereby it concentrates the heat in the centre and the cookware and this helps in saving fuel bills and cooking oil. Being made from cast iron, it does share its disadvantage. Frying grated coconuts or chives is what the Chinese did for seasoning the wok.

For saving cost, the aluminium cookware fits into this category very well. Not only it is inexpensive, it also conducts heat very well and it is very light. However, it does pose to threat to human health, as it is easily corroded in acidic or high heat environment, and leak into the cooked food. Excessive intake of aluminium poses a high risk to Alzheimer’s disease.

In terms of heat conductivity, copper stands in the middle between aluminium and cast iron, thus makes it a practical choice. Not much heat is required when using copper cookware to cook. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for cooking sour or acidic dishes such as tomato, lemon and others. Copper is very reactive to acidity. Metals, usually tin, is now added to lower its reactivity towards acidity.

Non stick cookware can be considered a breakthrough in the development of cookwares. As the name suggests, non-stick cookware does not require oil for cooking. A non-corrosive, stable plastic coating called perfluorocarbon resin is commonly used in non-stick cookware. The disadvantages of this sort of cookware include not suitable for long period of heating and susceptible to hard use. Therefore non-stick cookware is most suitable for simple cooking with moderate heat.

As stated above, each has its pros and cons. For overall goodness, stainless steel, that is if you do not mind the heat issue. For high quality cooking, cast iron would be good. If the seasoning is a concern, you can buy the cooper ones, or the aluminium ones to save budget. Do remember to choose those with coatings or metal additives. If you always cook simple dishes, a non stick will do.

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Copper Chef Pan Review | Copper Chef Cookware Unboxing Copper Chef Pan Review | Copper Chef Cookware Unboxing

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