Healthy Cooking With Steam Control Multi-Element Stainless Steel Cookware

Think about cooking healthy in this busy high stress world. Waterless grease less cooking preserves the vitamins and minerals of all of your foods and avoids the carcinogens from charring the meats.

A great example of using the Multi element surgical stainless steel cookware with steam control is the following recipe:
Heat pot on medium heat and then place chicken pieces in pan and brown on both sides. Extra oil in not needed. Very minor sticking may be present but no problem. When browned on both sides add whatever vegetables you desire, (potatoes, broccoli, squash, carrots or whatever). Just place them over the meat, put on the lid and close the steam valve. Turn heat to low and allow it to cook. Everything cooks evenly as the heat re-circulates evenly throughout the entire pot. Allowing rapid cooking with all the nutrients preserved. Enjoy wonderful healthy fast cooking with Waterless cookware.

You can apply this technique to any pot roast, pork, chicken or whatever recipe as long as it doesn’t want it drenched in flour and submerged in oil. Of course the cookware is great for frying foods also it just is taking advantage of the wonderful even heat distribution and not the steaming characteristics. Most of the waterless cookware sets are totally ovenproof allowing baking as well as the great stove top healthy waterless greaseless cooking techniques. The cookware is like a low pressure, pressure cookers but far more versatile. So grab your recipe books, especially the diet ones and get cooking. Whether your Mom’s favorite recipes, gourmet clubs recipes, South Beach or Weight Watchers, some great Cajun, Mexican, French, Italian cookbooks. They can all be adapted to the technique or at least benefit from the fabulous even heating characteristics of the encapsulated multiple element pots and pans. Even cooking rice or spaghetti is great. But the greatest advantage is in the ability to reduce the oil in the recipes and therefore reduce calories right off the bat. The waterless technique of course is great for cooking the vegetables all by themselves as well. They come out as crisp as you want with preserving most of the vitamins and minerals to boot. I’ll describe the cookware below.

Waterless cooking technique:

The steam control valve features on waterless cooking Cookware makes “waterless cooking” easy. You can cook Healthier in this cookware because it eliminates the need for grease or oil in cooking. To use the steam Control valve, start cooking on medium heat (never use high heat) then, when the valve begins To whistle, close the valve and turn down to low And finish cooking.

Multiple element construction Our premium cookware has 7, 9, or 11 element Construction. All are quality items and work pretty Much the same this refers to the fused heating surface Attached to the bottom of the stainless steel Cookware which has thin layers of different High conduction metals. This allows heat to spread rapidly and evenly across the entire cooking surface allowing the food to cook evenly.

My wife and I have an E-marketing business called JMEnterprises. We promote premium cookware and come from a passion of cooking and fine dining. We have a love of fine wine and gourmet foods and have a good knowledge of what it takes to cook and prepare good foods. My wife Silvia is a fabulous cook. Over time I may branch out in my articles but for now will be doing articles relating to cooking and healthy eating.


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