How Healthy Are You Eating? Waterless Cookware Might Just Be The Answer You’re Looking For!

How healthy are we eating? Many of us today are trying to eat healthier! Or we think we are! How healthy we eat depends on the cooking method we use. Waterless cookware is the answer.

All of us know that eating vegetables is a healthy part of our diet and gives us many of the vitamins and minerals for a healthy lifestyle. It’s the way their cooked that actually decide how many of those needed nutrients we actually receive.

Waterless cooking may be new to many, but has actually been around for many years. With Waterless cookware, you cook with minimum or no water! When boiling vegetables or cooking with high heat you can lose as much as 42% of the minerals of your vegetables. With waterless cooking also known as vapor cooking you lose only about 2% of the minerals! So ask yourself what is the healthier way to go?

So what makes Waterless cookware different from any other cookware in our kithcen?

Waterless cookware is made with multi-layers of stainless steel and finished off with 304 surgical steel (one of the healthiest cookware to use). These layers are what allow even cooking from top to bottom, without any hotspots.

How hard is it to use Waterless cookware?

1) Rinse vegetables in water. You can cook multiple vegetables in the same pot.

2) Fill pot 2/3 full for optimal cooking. Place lid on with steam valve in open position, and start on medium heat.

3) When the lid starts to whistle, close steam valve and turn heat to low.

4) Cook 6 to 12 minutes depending on the type of vegetable.

5) Don’t peek! Opening the lid will lenghten the cooking time.

That’s it! Now you have healthy vegetables with almost all their vitamins and minerals,and your vegetables have their original colors.

That’s great I can make healthier vegetables with this cookware, but what about other foods?

Well the answer to this is, you can cook whatever you want whether it’s fried chicken, pot roast,meatloaf or even a pineapple upside down cake!

That’s right even a cake! Because of the construction of the cookware allowing even cooking and using low heat you can even make a cake on top of the stove. No heating up the house while using the oven, and at the same time you are using less energy in everything you cook with Waterless cookware, because everything is prepared with low heat and less time.

Most of us want to be healthier today! Some join gyms. Some purchase exercise equipment for the home.Unfortunately with our busy schedules today we’re to tired to do any of these things, and this is an easy decision to make. One decision we can’t make is not eating! We need to eat to survive. Why not do it the healthy way! With waterless cooking you can get the most nutrients out of your food while eliminating added fats.

I have been in customer service for 30 years and understand everyone has different needs! At we offer a variety of Waterless cookware. whether your just looking for a stock pot, fry pan or basic cookware, we have a variety of choices at competitive prices. So why not eat healthy and visit us today!


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