How to Find a Recipe For a Potluck

When you receive the invitation for a potluck, do you panic? You know that you’ve made something delicious in the past and wish you could remember what it was. Knowing what you would take to the potluck alleviates the frustration that everybody goes through. With the evolution of the internet, there are now hundreds of recipe/cooking websites that will help you with your potluck dish.

Here are the easy steps to find a recipe on the internet for your potluck:

Step 1: Determine what type of potluck party you will be attending. If it’s a hawaiian theme, you can choose a hawaiian dish. If it’s a barbecue theme, you would select a barbecue dish. Easy enough, right? Once you determine the type of potluck party you will be attending, you can jump on to the internet to search for the perfect recipe. Within minutes you will find the perfect recipe.

Step 2: Your internet search begins. If you’re looking for a hawaiian dish and you want to bring a salad, you would search “hawaiian salad recipe” in google. Your search will return 884,000 results. Surely, you can find a dish from this many results to take to your potluck. Let’s say you choose the dish “Hawaiian Macaroni Salad”, which happens to be one of my favorites to bring to a potluck because everybody loves this dish. Simply, click on the link to the recipe and check it out. You can even do another google search for hawaiian macaroni salad, which will return 144,000 recipes, all for hawaiian macaroni salad. Another search will help you zero in on the exact recipe you want to find.

The key is to find a recipe and recipe site that looks legit. Here are some recipe sites you can trust (and most of these recipes will have reviews so you know which are good and which are bad): All Recipes, Food Network, Recipezaar and Simple Recipes.

Once you find the recipe, you can pretty much figure out the rest of what you have to do…just make the recipe. Be sure to return to the recipe and rate it in order to help others that may be in the same situation you are in. I find that it really helps when I find a recipe that has a lot of ratings, so I try to rate all the recipes I try.

If you want to find delicious recipes or chicken wings recipe try RecipeMatcher


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