September 25, 2020

Kitchen Tools Stainless Steel Cleaner Microfiber Cloth Towel to Polish Appliances Cookware Sink

This microfiber polishing cloth towel is an indispensable tool in maintaining your kitchen’s appearance. It is the ultimate polishing towel for producing perfect shiny results on stainless steel and chrome. This Premium Microfiber Towel provides the fastest and easiest way to polish kitchen appliances from refrigerators to toasters. Each generously over-sized towel is 16″ x 16″ which is designed to keep your hands from touching the polished surfaces. Manufactured with safety edging that prevents scratching.

Importance of Microfiber

Using poor quality towels can be the difference between a showroom perfect finish and finish that is swirled and scratched.

These microfiber towels are extremely versatile and can be used with any shiny finish. They are also great to use in the chrome finished faucets and trim in the bathroom, vehicles, tools. After one use of a good quality microfiber towel, there’s no need to go back to using terry towels again.

And if you order today we have a special bonus just for you: The FREE eBook “How to Effortlessly Create a Perfect Mirror Finish on Stainless Steel Without Using Harmful Chemicals” is an essential kitchen book that reveals how to clean and polish your kitchen without needing to buy expensive, harmful chemical cleaners. It gets sent to your email for FREE just for ordering the Premium Microfiber Cloth Stainless Steel Polishing Towel. All you need to do is click the button at the top of this page to have your order rushed straight to your door.

STOCK IS LIMITED! Act now to take advantage of the introductory discount price while it lasts.

THERE IS NO RISK WITH OUR 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! If you are not completely satisfied, WE’LL GIVE YOU A FULL REFUND. Quality is backed by a LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY against any defects.

Product Features

  • ✓ WANT THE SHINIEST, BEST LOOKING KITCHEN? Don’t settle for a cheap cloth! Picture your smiling reflection in every stainless steel appliance in your kitchen…every day! Experience the difference for yourself!
  • ✓ SAVE TIME & MONEY KEEPING YOUR KITCHEN CLEAN AND IN PRISTINE SHAPE! Save money on harsh, harmful chemicals and stop using wasteful paper products or chemical-filled wipes. Our polishing cloth leaves absolutely no scratches, lint, streaks, swirls, or spots on your appliances or kitchen tools! Works great on chrome and stainless steel bathroom fixtures also!
  • ✓ SAFE ON ALL TYPES OF STAINLESS STEEL SURFACES AND WON’T DAMAGE ANY FINISHES! Sure you can use regular towels but why risk damaging your stainless steel? You paid good money for it, now take care of it the right way! Try it today risk free!
  • ✓ DURABLE AND MULTI-PURPOSE! The best professional grade oversize microfiber towels for polishing and cleaning your kitchen and also perfect for any shiny surface in the bathroom, workshop, tools, vehicles and more! Produces a mirror-like shine on all finishes without chemicals!
  • ✓ LOVE IT OR WE’LL GIVE YOU A FULL REFUND!! If you don’t like it or aren’t experiencing the results you expected we will give you a no-questions-asked 100% refund. You still get to keep the bonus eBook for free just for trying it!

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  1. Polishing versus Cleaning I’m sure I wasn’t the only person who mistook the word ‘Cleaner’ in the product description to mean that this cloth was intended for cleaning their stainless steel appliances. It wasn’t until I unpacked it and read the bit on how to use it that I realized you had to have already thoroughly cleaned the appliance or the towel might scratch it! Since that really wasn’t made clear beforehand and I assumed this was going to do both jobs at once I was pretty disappointed.But I’m one to…

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  2. Made my Appliances Shine Now that I have stainless steel appliances I have learned a few things about stainless steel. There are different grades which can make all the difference in cleaning and also the price. I was excited when we decided to buy stainless steel appliances, until they were delivered and installed and I looked at all the fingerprints on them. I realized I may have caused a whole lot more work for myself! Ugh!I have tried the Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Premium Microfiber Cloth Stainless Steel…

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