Make An Old Fashion Pancake Recipe And More

Pancakes are an old recipe that was created in Rome. A pancake recipe from Rome called for a pancake like flat bread called 1/5 RoeAlita Dolcia 1/5 R? was made of flour, eggs, and milk and had spices added. Sometimes they were topped with fruit and honey and at other times they were topped with meats and cheese for a savory dish. Pancakes like we have today were first invented in Europe during the medieval era. Recipes for pancakes where first published in an old English cookery book around 1430.

Pancakes are a popular as a breakfast food today and have a special day all to themselves before the religious season of Lent starts. It is traditional on Shrove Tuesday, also called Fat Tuesday, that one stuffs themselves with as many pancakes as they possibly can because the next day is the first day of Lent, a solemn time when sacrifices are made and gluttony is forbidden.

The German people have a pancake recipe that incorporates potatoes in as do the Jews who make latke from potatoes. Crepes are a type of pancake but are very thin and are usually topped with fruits and rolled over in half. In Indonesia they make dadar gutung, from India comes the poori, and in China families enjoy bao bing. Panekoeken, pancakes made from buckwheat, are made by the Dutch. Recipes for pancakes that puff up very high and are enhanced by fruit and sprinkled with powdered sugar, are plentiful and delicious.

Americans consume thousands of pancakes per year. Sometimes some of the oldest recipes are the best and this is the case with pancakes. The following recipe is delicious and the pancakes come out light and fluffy. With a sweet syrup they are wonderful served in the morning or afternoon and can even make a great dinner served with sausage. To make a old fashion pancake you will need to sift into a bowl one and one half of a cup of flour, three and one half of a teaspoon of baking powder, one half of a teaspoon of salt, and one whole tablespoon of granulated sugar. Mix this together well then move it to all sides of the bowl leaving an opening in the center, like a volcano. Into the center of your volcano pour in one and one fourth of a cup of milk and then one whole egg. Three tablespoons of butter should be melted and that is poured in as well. Using a fork scramble the egg in the milk combination and pull in some of the dry ingredients. Keep going until all the dry ingredients are incorporated and the mixture is smooth and creamy.

Place a frying pan or griddle on the stove over medium high heat and spread a little vegetable oil on top. With a ladle scoop some batter out of the bowl and place it on the griddle. When you notice little bubbles all around the edge of the pancake it is time to turn it over to cook on the other side. When the bubbles form again you can take it out and place it on a plate buttering the top. Syrup can be served over top.

You can change the recipe in order to provide your family with a little bit of variety. Buttermilk pancakes can be made by using the recipe above and instead of milk use buttermilk. Orange flavored pancakes can be made by using orange juice instead of milk and adding some orange zest to the batter. Almond flavored pancakes are luscious with a little honey on top and they are easily made by adding 1 teaspoon of almond extract to the batter. Make blueberry pancakes by added three fourths of a cup of blueberries to the batter. Strawberry pancakes are made similarly by adding three fourths a cup of sliced strawberries to the batter. If you love chocolate just add to the batter a half cup chocolate chips. These should be served with whipped cream on top.

It is possible to make chocolate pancakes and they may not go over well for breakfast. They will, however be a hit for dessert. To make them you will need two cups flour, three teaspoons of baking powder, and one fourth of a teaspoon of salt in a bowl. Mix them well and then add three fourths of a cup of granulated sugar. Continue by adding a cup of milk and four teaspoons butter. Mix this up very well then add two large eggs and beat well. Now is where the chocolate comes in. Mix in 6 teaspoons powdered cocoa.

Put a skillet on the stove and get it hot then add the oil. Ladle some of the batter onto the oiled skillet and once bubbles start to gather around the edges of the pancake turn it over. Once the bubbles start to appear again you can place the pancake on a plate and put a little butter on the top. When you are ready to serve just put a few spoonfuls of whipped cream on top and for extra punch sprinkle semi sweet chocolate chips over the whole thing and allow them melt.

Serve pancakes for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Your family’s eyes will light up and you will not have to beg them to eat. The Old fashion pancake recipe can be altered to make different flavors or the chocolate ones can be served up for a real treat.

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