Making A Recipe Cookbook

Need that special something for the next family reunion? Try a family cookbook, involve the entire family and collect the recipes they each like the best. This is a great way to get your aunts recipe for apple pie. If the family reunion is to be a pot luck, have them bring a recipe card for the dish they will be providing. This method has several advantages. A picture of the person can be added to the recipe when the book is compiled. But how do you turn those family culinary favorites into an actual family cookbook.

However, making a family cookbook can be a very unique way not only to share recipes that have been in your family for years but to share special memories as well. Compiling a cookbook is a fun and very rewarding task. A family cookbook is more than just collecting recipes everyone loves. Computers are great for this project and using a regular notebook allows people to add to the recipe book at a later date. You can even email the book to those who have a computer and are online to help save on postage.

In addition this can be used as a great memory for the family reunion and a way to get pictures to all of the family members who forgot to bring their cameras. Just add photos to the book and it will bring funny and happy memories for years to come. If there is a problem of the cost of materials, have each member who wants one donate a small fee to cover the costs of the paper, ink, notebooks and postage. I do not know how many times I have gone to a pot luck and spent lots of time asking for the recipes.

Indeed, i have never been to where I did not find several dishes i really liked and wanted to make for my family later. If you would rather have the recipe book on hand at the reunion, just request in advance. Moreover, most families have many such recipes handed down through generations, taught to children or squirreled away on index cards or scraps of paper. Set a deadline that allows family members at least a few weeks to gather together their recipes but not so far out in the future that they forget about the project all together. Many people use recipes out of books and off packages for their own cookbooks.

Another example would be someone or a group who has some unique recipes and just wants to put them together in a cookbook. Everyone in the family can contribute recipes for inclusion. In many instances, a basic recipe is given and then numerous variations are suggested. Most of the recipes are relatively easy to make and not only tell you how to take the dish up a notch with embellishments but what to do if your vegetarian is also a picky eater.

A family cookbook surely is one way to preserve the past in a personalized collection of recipes. In the past, most people relied on word of mouth to keep the family recipes and memories alive but with time these details can fade. Whatever means you use, this is a great moment of a special day for your family, enjoy it and remember to send one to the family members who could not be there for whatever reason. Indeed, family cookbooks are a gift of the past and also for the future.

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