Microwave Bacon Cooking – Your Way To A Delicious Breakfast

If you love crunchy, crisp bacon, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a quick way to cook bacon without a greasy mess. Be careful, cook enough, because you will want to go back for more. Bacon can be cooked on the stove, in the oven and microwave. Perhaps the best way to cook bacon is to cook it in microwave which produces nice crispy bacons without a greasy mess.

With man becoming more and more health conscious day by day bacon cooking equipments is gaining popularity. People no longer want to go with the traditional way of cooking bacon that would just stick to the pan. With a varied range of bacon cookers available in the market people can go and buy the perfect one that suits their budget. Not only that bacon cookers can be put to additional functions like defrosting, warming other cooking needs. The best part of these bacon cookers is that they retain the original flavor of bacon while draining off its grease.

Preparing the easiest, tastiest and fastest bacon is no longer difficult. All you need is to prepare a microwave-safe dish, preferably glass. Place several layers of paper towels over the dish. Lay 4 uncooked bacon strips across the paper towels. Place several layers of paper towels over the bacon.

Cook the bacon in the microwave approximately 3 minutes on the highest setting (time may vary by microwave and the amount of bacon cooking).When the bacon is done, allow it to sit for about 1 minute to cool. The bacon will be crisp and delicious. Toss the greasy paper towels into the garbage; place the dish in the dishwasher. Enjoy crisp bacon with your eggs. And if you sprinkle brown sugar on the bacon before baking you get a lovely caramelized sugary coating. A sweet and sticky counterpoint to the salty crunch. Yum.

The paper towels absorb all the bacon grease, leaving a mess-free kitchen. No dirty dishes to wash. Remove your bacon from the paper towels promptly or it will stick, leaving white pieces on your bacon. Keep a close eye on the bacon as it cooks. It heats quickly and you may need to stop the microwave before the time is up. When the bacon is finished cooking it will be hot! Never open the microwave before your bacon has finished cooking. The result will be disgusting rubbery, chewy bacon. Never leave your microwave unattended while cooking bacon.

If you want to surprise your family at the breakfast table with great looking crispy bacon that was so long available only in restaurants you got to have a bacon cooker for yourself that prevents the bacons from rolling and sticking to one another. Time to start your day with your favorite breakfast of crispy bacon and bring a glowing smile to your loved ones – all this and much more only with the help of easily available bacon cookers.

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