Moms: Start a Recipe Blog to Make Money at Home

Around the world, people everywhere are discovering that blogging is a great way to make money online. The reason? Blogs can usually be set up at a low cost and started with a minimum of experience. Two very popular tools for blogging are Google Blogger ( or the easy to use WordPress ( Both make it easy to set up a blog. But what kind of blog should you start?

A recipe blog can be the perfect choice for people who have tried recipes and thought they could do something different, more exciting, or just plain better. It’s a great way to tell others about new recipes, ideas, and products available in the world of cooking, as well as sharing regional specialties. But, don’t worry if you can’t cook. You can write a cooking blog for others who are learning to cook. How much fun would it be to share your successes as well as your “hope you don’t chip a tooth” muffins? Starting a recipe blog can be a wonderful way to share your interest and make money in the process. If cooking is your passion (or even if it isn’t) — a recipe blog may be a profitable way to get a taste of online business.

If you’re questioning whether or not you have the skills needed to create a recipe blog, you probably aren’t giving yourself enough credit. You love to eat, right? Well, that’s one skill down. Can you write a recipe that’s easy to follow and accurate? There you go! You don’t have to be a trained chef or know all the fancy cooking terms, just enjoy what you do. You will probably want to have a digital camera so you can include pictures of the recipes you make, but it’s not necessary. You’ll find sites where you can download pictures that will suit you just fine. Most importantly, you’ll need to have patience. Your blog won’t get noticed as fast as you’d like, but before you know it you’ll be chatted-up all over the blogosphere.

Of course, you want to make money with your recipe blog. By using one or more of the following methods, you’ll have a real home-based business that will start producing income for you and your family.

Make Money by Selling Products: Some people enjoy the retail aspect of their business. Whether it’s kitchen gadgets or cookbooks, your readers will love to hear what your favorite kitchen tools are. You’ll be sharing your love for cooking, giving your opinion on products, and making money at the same time. Great idea.

Make Money by Selling Advertising: Popular blogs that have a substantial amount of website traffic can earn income through advertising. Of course you can’t sell advertising until your blog actually has readers, but many bloggers earn a great income with this method alone.

Make Money by Selling Your Blog: When your blog starts being noticed by search engines, you have become a successful blogger, for sure! Now you can consider selling your blogs to other people to turn your blog into a money-maker. There are others who create blogs just to sell them to others, which is another idea to think about.

By focusing your energy on your own unique style of blog, you can find a home for family recipes, regional dishes, cooking disasters and fun stories that your readers will come back to time and time again. Sharing your knowledge of cooking, your recipes, your successes and failures, all can bring in a nice income if you are ready to learn how. But, you’ve got to take that first step in order to see your dreams come true.

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