Pros and Cons of Using Copper Cookware

Copper cookware is basically made with copper, usually being combined with stainless steel. It has the best conductivity which most professional cooks are really impressed about. Having copper cookware entails some pros and cons due to its structure and functionality.

Copper cookware is widely used by most professional cooks, especially with regards to heat conductivity. It is usually in line with nickel, tin, stainless steel or a combination of these three metals.

Copper is used on the outside and stainless steel is on the cooking surface. To distinguish its effectiveness in kitchen cooking, below are some pros and cons of having copper cookware:
It is widely used by certain industries. Copper is malleable and ductile. This is the reason why many companies chose copper to be used in kitchen wares.

It is popular among chefs and culinary experts. Copper cookware has gained popularity amongst professionals because of its stylish look. Pots and pans have a distinct appeal of elegance.

Its silvery white and pinkish luster enhances the cooking experience of most cooks in various parts of the world. Most French use copper cookware in their traditional French cuisine.

Excellent heat conductivity. Copper distributes heat better than aluminum. Its conductivity is ten times higher than glass or stainless steel. It quickly responds to temperature changes as compared to other metals.

The heat and cooking time is being reduced when using copper cookware. From this, copper cookware prevents burnt spots which show that the cooking equipments are sub standardized.

Saves on polishing. There are models that come up with a brushed texture. Cooper cookware does not need to be shiny. Some prefer their cookware to be bruised or scratched. It gives an antique and classy look. However, shining may prevent a copper cookware from developing a patina or green look.

Easy to clean and maintain. The smooth structure of a copper cookware helps easily remove small pieces of food from the pan’s surface.

It is in lined with other metals for protection. High quality copper cookware is usually in line with other metals like stainless steel. The lining protects the food, avoiding copper to react with it. The combination also allows precise cooking time for food to become cooked evenly.

Thus, copper cookware also has its downside. Some features may not be adequate enough for most cooks, in which, manufacturers tend to get up with a solution for these shortcomings. Here are some of the cons of copper cookware:

Easily scratched and is naturally soft. Copper, when combined with other metals, make it more durable. Its sandwich layers of metals such as tin and nickel are not as strong as stainless steel. Nickel may be reactive because it is hard and ductile, while Tin may become unstable at 45 degrees Fahrenheit or more.

Heavy. Copper cookware possesses the heaviest metal among all cook wares. It is more prone to dents.

Changes in color and appearance. A copper cookware may change its color, especially when cooking in deep pink, orange or purple colors. Hence, heat and humidity can alter the appearance of copper cookware, especially when it is not cleaned properly.

Prone to tarnishing. Acidic foods may lead to the tarnishing of copper. The metal may leach into foods and can cause illnesses.

More cost. Copper is much more expensive as compared to other metals. Copper cookware collections cost several hundreds of dollars per piece.

Used with thorough care. Copper is sensitive to acidic foods. The pan cannot be used again when foods are cooked on the surface or the tin on the top has worn-out through the mentioned copper base. It can lead to toxicities.

There are people who can fix the polishing and even repair worn out copper cookware. A copper cookware requires proper maintenance in order to keep it looking like brand new.

Despite a copper cooker’s downsides, most gourmet chefs still prefer this kind of cookware. This is due to their great features such as its heat distribution system that are unmatched. Aside from this, copper cookware is an investment, offering very effective functionality for kitchen owners.

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* REVIEW & SWATCHES | Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadows…WORTH IT???!!!


Spoiler ALERT! These eyeshadows were a complete FAIL for me! If you have oily lids or creases on your lids….then buyer beware! These crease on me no matter what I do or what I try.

And the higher price tag makes it harder to swallow. They are the same price as a MAC Eyeshadow Pan – a pop. This is due to a different and more expensive formula than the original Makeup Geek eyeshadows. So not worth the 70% price jump!

These are in need of improvement all the way around and I am disappointed in the YouTube sycophants that are raving about these eyeshadows without letting us know the PROs and CONs.

UPDATE: WOW! I did not expect this resounding response to this video! It seems like a lot of people are having trouble with the eyeshadows (foiled and even the originals).

Remember, I am reviewing based on my experience and the overall value/quality of the eyeshadows. Of course there will be those who enjoy the eyeshadows and have no issues with creasing…..still I can’t say I would recommend the eyeshadows (dry lids or oily lids) because there are still issues with the formula that need to be addressed. I won’t recommend them based on the off chance that they may work….the inconsistency of the formula would make me say wait until they are reformulated and improved.

There are some people that find these useable and I am happy they can enjoy the eyeshadows! But alas the inconsistency of the formula makes me weary. I shouldn’t HAVE to use my fingers and all kinds of magic to make something as simple as an eyeshadow work for me.

BUT the biggest thing I am taking away from the comments is that people are OVER YouTube gurus who rave and praise products blindly….some of the reviews out there are very misleading so watch them with a grain of salt. I am not the best but I DO try my best to share pros and cons and give you good info that you can use to decide if you wish to purchase a product. Money is money and we don’t want to waste it right?!

P.S. I filmed this review 3 different times….I wanted to make sure I shared the key points without being too negative. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right words that won’t offend companies….and of course there are always people who won’t agree with my views….but that doesn’t change my experience.


Check out the video below for swatches of the original FULL COLLECTION:

★ SWATCH FEST ★ Makeup Geek Single Eyeshadows ★ FULL COLLECTION ★

★ REVIEW & TOP PICKS | Makeup Geek Single Eyeshadows ★


Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadows

Purchase here if interested:

These pans can be placed in empty palettes such as Z-Palettes. You will need to purchase a separate palette which you can then customize.

All the eyeshadows are cruelty-free — Makeup Geek does not test products on animals.

These eyeshadows are Talc and Paraben-Free

Eyeshadow pan weight is 1.8G / 0.064 oz

Shipping available worldwide at affordable rates

Pan – .99, Bundle of ALL 10 –

These are eyeshadow pans only — palettes sold separately

Caitlin Rose – Bright amethyst purple with a foiled finish
Center Stage – Bright royal blue with a foiled finish
Flame Thrower – True brightened warm copper with a foiled finish
Grandstand – Medium rose gold with slight taupe undertones and a foiled finish
Houdini – Deep emerald teal green with a foiled finish.
In The Spotlight – Soft pink with coral undertones and a foiled finish
Jester – Bright mossy green with slight gold undertones and a foiled finish
Magic Act – Light gold with yellow undertones and a foiled finish
Mesmerized – Deep medium taupe with strong purple undertones and a foiled finish
Showtime – Rusty brown with warm undertones and a foiled finish


About The Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadows (from the website):

With these rich and intensely-hued shades, the new Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadows go beyond your standard line of cosmetics, introducing you to a new and powerful cosmetic experience.

This cutting-edge formula offers a creamy texture that is a hybrid between a powder shadow and a cream shadow that is on a level of its own.

The intense pigmentation combined with an opaque, metallic finish make these shadows a dream to work with. These can be applied effortlessly in just one swipe with no primer required! Our lineup includes a diverse array of rich colors and a smooth silky formula that we believe help elevate pressed eye shadows to the next level of exceptional quality.

REVIEW & SWATCHES | Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadows...WORTH IT???!!! REVIEW & SWATCHES | Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadows…WORTH IT???!!!

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User Reviews and Comments

  1. NIKOLE FAYE says

    I will never buy from Makeup geek again. They have bad customer service. They don't even have a phone number to call if you need to talk to someone about your order. You have to email them instead which is bad customer service to me. Then when I got my eyeshadow it was all broken. Plus the color look way different in person then what you see online. Glad I only bought one which was $11. But trust me I will never use their service again. This place to me is worthless. It's better to just go to MAC or Sephora to get your makeup.

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  2. imritag says

    I really wish I would've discovered your video before purchasing 27 (!!!) of MakeUp Geek's eyeshadows :((( I fell so hard into the hype, believing all the youtubers claiming how fantastic they are and how they are even better than MAC's eyeshadows. Like hell! They are absolutely don't worth it: they're powdery and they crease, and now that MAC has lowered their eyeshadow pans to 6 dollars, there is no reason to buy these anymore. I really wanted to make them work, and I love and appreciate that they are cruelty free, but they are not the best quality I've seen.

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  3. Keke1980s says

    Pow Pow!! Guru down…Luv hearing what you got to say! ….I went to buy 5 foiled shadows and a contour powder, had them in the basket and said WAIT, lemme go and check out some real talkers on youtube…Shahleena, The fancy Face, MissChrissyJay, DestinyGodley, Cosmholic, Kelsee Jai, Cheryl Christine, Grrrecedes to get the REAL DEAL!…I can't be wasting my coins (I mean it's no biggie spend, make the spend have to make sense), I will check out Makeupforever. Forreal

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  4. BAM2613 says

    Finally, someone who has the guts to be honest about Makeup Geek… I have made comments that the regular Makeup Geek fade on me no matter what I do, I was crucified from others.. It's as though we don't have the right to give out opinion unless it''s positive… We are spending good money on these products… Thank you, for your honesty..

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  5. Anette Åsgård says

    Magic Act, Flame Thrower, and Center Stage; those are the only ones I might consider purchasing.
    Other than that, MakeUp Geek is just a hyped up drug store brand. Which there is nothing wrong with drug store brands since one of my favorites L'Oreal is drugstore, but for the $10/e price tag? Noo.

    I don't care how much Jaclyn Hill hypes these up, along with her private-labeled cheap quality Morphe brushes, they suck.

    Thanks for this video, Tina.

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  6. Vicckers One & aHalf Cents says

    Thank you SO much for the honest review! You just saved me about 250 bucks! So glad I found this review before I checked out with a full cart at Makeup geek! Thanks again!

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  7. Aara Nee says

    Thanks for being so brutally honest in your review. I know it's not the easiest thing to do when other beauty bloggers and youtubers are jumping on the bandwagon. Your swatch comparisons between brush and finger, as well as with and without primer were especially helpful! <3

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