Recipe for Success: A 4 Step Formula

Here’s a simple recipe for success that you can use to accomplish your objectives in work or in life. After doing this a few times, you won’t even know you’re using it. It’ll just work. I started using this formula many years ago.

This is a four step formula for achieving the results you want in any endeavor. Before I continue, I will clearly state that I did not invent this formula, I merely use it. I first learned about this success technique when taking Tony Robbins’ “Personal Power II” home audio course.

No matter what it is you want to accomplish, this plan can be used to achieve results faster and easier. If you’re like some, you might find it hard to believe that this can work for you. That is exactly why the hardest part of this is that you must put away all doubt and ignore your beliefs and experiences.

In order for this recipe to work, you must realize that you are the biggest obstacle to your success. What you must commit to is taking action, regardless of any fears or doubts about whether or not success is possible.

In simplicity lies great power, and this system is no exception. Imagine a complex invention like the automobile and all its moving parts and interdependent systems. Now, imagine that same complex invention without the many components that contain the simplest of inventions, the wheel. The automobile is nothing without the power of the wheel.

It’s possible that you might be tempted to dismiss this system for being too obvious and too simple. It won’t take long, however, for you to see the simple power in this recipe for success.

Following a process such as this formula helps you stay on track. It can act as a motivation booster when you need it. Below is the four step recipe for success that will work for anything you want to accomplish.

1. Choose your outcome – You need a roadmap to follow or you won’t get where you want to go. Most people do not make good decisions. Instead they waffle back and forth, and as a result, often are at the mercy of circumstances. You must decide on what you want and then pursue it.

2. Action — Taking action toward your desired outcome is critical. You must make a decision to take immediate action and work toward your goal. Commit to this action plan ignoring all fear and doubt.

3. Track progress — Check your progress and notice what is working and what is not. Do more of what is working, and change or drop what is not working. Keep fine tuning your actions until you achieve the results you want.

4. Use modeling — Don’t reinvent the wheel. It’s much easier to copy what someone else has done. If you want to be successful, then model those who already are. You can greatly enhance and accelerate your progress if you use modeling. Then, when you see what works, improve upon it.

I invite you to try this simple recipe for success for the next 30 days. Once you see that it works, please share it with a friend.

Author Kurt Schmitt shows people how to get motivated and stay that way with methods like this recipe for success .


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