SaladMaster Cookware – Why This Brand?

Today we lead lifestyles which are placing additional stresses and strains on our bodies and which often results in ill health. However a great way of helping to prevent such occurrences is through them have a well balanced and nutritional diet set up. But along with eating the right foods you need also to prepare and cook them correctly to ensure that they don’t lose all those essential nutrients that their bodies need. A good way of making sure that this doesn’t happen is by having good quality kitchen equipment such as the SaladMaster Cookware range.

The company that produce this particular range of cookware have been developing it for more than 60 years now and has been specifically to designed to help save time, energy and money. Each piece of cookware in the range is made using 316L stainless steel compared to the more traditional stainless steel used by other kitchen ware manufacturers. It is because of their design and what they are made from is actually bringing more people back to the enjoyment of preparing a meal from scratch rather than using ready made. Below we take a look at what are some of the other reasons for people using this kind of cookware over other kinds.

1. The Handles – These have been designed in order to make storage of the pans etc., much easier to accomplish as they are actually detachable. All it takes is one click and the handle is quickly removed from the pan base. Plus because the handles are detachable these are much easier to clean, because once the handle is removed they can be placed in the dishwasher. However, although the handles are detachable they are in fact very stronger (200% stronger than handles found on more conventional cookware).

2. Cookware Cooking Surface – The stainless steel used in most cookware today is made of 18/10 grade steel and as it becomes hot it begins to expand. Then as it expands you will find that the food begins to stick to its sides and base, but SaladMaster use 316L surgical stainless steel which is able to dissipate the heat it comes into contact with better. Plus because the steel is non-porous food does not stick to it so there is no need to include any kind of oil into the pan prior to adding the food. Plus unlike other stainless steel cookware this range is not affected in any way by the salts and acids which foods contain.

3. The Distribution of Heat – Many people would recommend that if you want good quality kitchen ware for cooking with then the heavier they are the better. But this is simply not the case any more since the introduction and development of the SaladMaster cookware range. All the pans etc., in this range are made from seven layers of surgical grade stainless steel and which ensures that the heat it comes into contact with is more evenly distributed throughout the surface of the whole pan. Because of this even at much lower temperatures the food quicks just as quickly as it would at a higher heat under more conventional stainless steel cookware.

4. Control Temperature – Unlike fridges and oven controlling the temperature at which you cook food on a hob can be somewhat hit or miss. Often we cook food on our hobs at temperatures which are far too high which results in large amounts of the nutrition being removed from the food that our bodies require. With the SaladMaster range you will find that they come with a patentned system known as the “Vapo Valve” which allows you to use much lower temperatures and therefore help the food to retain more of its nutritional value.

Through the introduction of such high quality cookware, the SaladMaster Company is now helping people towards living much healthier and happier lives. This is because they are designed to help the food retain those nutrients, minerals and vitamins that the body needs.

Therefore if you are someone who does enjoy preparing and cooking good quality, healthy food. Then it may be worth your while considering investing some money in a good quality set of SaladMaster Cookware for your kitchen.

The site provides information regarding salads and their nutritional values. If you would like to find out more then click on the link.


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