Sassy Cook’n Cherry Fresh Baker’s Apron Evaluation and Comparison

This is a review of Sassy Cook’n Cherry Fresh Baker’s Apron. Enjoy!

  • Women’s baker style apron features polka dotted cherries with swirling stems on blue cotton fabric; bottom trimmed in red pom-pom fringe.
  • Novelty baker’s apron has a 3 inch waistband and ties; apron has 35 inch extra long fashion ties that can tie in front or in back; one size fits all.
  • Made from 100% premium cotton sheeting
  • Made in USA
  • Machine wash and dry

Two sisters, together with their mother, own and operate Sassy Cook’n located just outside of Boise, Idaho. This small family run business prides itself on selling high quality textile products manufactured in the USA for a great value. The fresh line of coordinating kitchen wear is constructed with 100% premium cotton fabric and all of the aprons are adorned at the bottom with faux suede fringe or pom-pom trim. This women’s baker’s style apron features polka dotted cherries with swirling st Read the rest of the review here…

List Price: $ 23.99


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FAQ: What is Crème fraîche? Crème fraîche (French for “fresh cream”) is the European counterpart to the US sour cream product. It is a heavy cream slightly soured with bacterial culture, but not as sour or as thick as sour cream. Crème fraîche can be made at home by adding a small amount of cultured buttermilk or sour cream to normal heavy cream, and allowing to stand for several hours at room temperature until the bacterial cultures act on the cream. ______________________________ 3 Eggs Nob of Butter Half Table Spoon of Crème fraîche Little bit of Salt & Pepper Chopped Chives Fat cap mushrooms Salt & Pepper Vine tomatoes Sour Dough Bread (thick cut) Drizzle Olive Oil
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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22 thoughts on “Sassy Cook’n Cherry Fresh Baker’s Apron Evaluation and Comparison

  1. To be honest using sour cream instead of creme fraiche isn’t gonna ruin your scrambled eggs, it will still taste godly. I recommend adding some bacon or salmon to it!

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  2. I just made myself some, and wish I cracked another egg or two! This is great; my mother caters for some suits and and definitely knows how to cook, but these were the best scrambled eggs I’ve ever had! Sorry Mom!

    I used some salted cooking butter, organic cage-free Eggland’s Best eggs, and Daisy brand sour cream for anyone wondering. This was also my first time using a saucepan for scrambled eggs, and I doubt I will ever go back to using a skillet… Use a saucepan! Over toast is best too!

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  3. @KilgorCalrizian From Wikipedia- “Crème fraîche is a soured cream containing about 28% butterfat and with a pH of around 4.5. It is soured with bacterial culture, but is less sour than sour cream. It has a comparatively high viscosity and a higher fat content.”

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