Six Simple Guidelines to Cleaning and Maintaining Stainless Steel Cookware

To keep your stainless steel cookware looking as good as new: (1) use warm, soapy water for general cleaning, (2) remove calcium deposits with a vinegar/water mixture, (3) remove burned-on food with hot or boiling water, (4) remove brown stains with baking soda or oxalic acid cleanser, (5) towel-dry the cookware and use vinegar to avoid water spots, and (6) use a baking soda paste to keep it shiny and new.

When it comes to cookware, stainless steel products might be your best friend in the kitchen. To make your cooking superb all the time you need to take care of it whilst using and to keep in great condition all the time. The following as proven tips from active households for easy cleaning of stainless steel cookware.

Routine cleaning requires nothing more than soap and warm water.

Stainless steel cookware needs to wet and free of food debris prior to cleaning. Next, using a sponge or soapy cloth, wash in warm soapy water. To reduce the risk of scratches avoid using abrasives like steel wool. Use a nylon scrub to remove anything hard on cookware which is made of stainless steel. When you’re done washing it, use a non-abrasive rag to wipe it down and dry it. The same care also applies to other materials, including aluminum and enameled cast iron, such as Staub Cookware to keep them long-lasting.

Mix vinegar and water to remove calcium deposits.

You will undoubtedly notice more calcium buildup at the bottom of your stainless steel cookware if you tend to do a lot of boiling with it. In order to start work on removing these deposits, you should use a solution composed of one third or fourth vinegar and three to four total parts water. Give the mixture a few minutes to settle and then wash with soap and warm water and rinse normally. Make sure you do not soak the solution too long as acids, including vinegar can cause your stainless steel cookware to corrode.

If food is burned onto the cookware, remove it with boiling hot water.

Burned remnants of food on cookware made from stainless steel can turn a clean-up job into a major undertaking. Let hot water in the cookware sit for around an hour to improve the process of cooking and cleaning. Take some boiled water and then allow the same to cool down to warm levels so that you can then go in for the washing using this soapy warm water with the help of some soft cloth or nylon scrubbing pad, as an alternative choice before you.

For removing brown stains, one can try baking soda or oxalic acid cleanser

One solution to the persistent stains on your stainless steel pan is to dissolve a couple of tablespoonfuls of baking soda in hot water in the pan, and then allow the solution to stand for a few hours before cleaning the pan. Products like Bar Keeper’s Friend use oxalic acid to clean brown stains from stainless steel. Follow instructions to thoroughly clean your cookware.

One should dry the cookware first and then can use vinegar to avoid water spots.

It is imperative to thoroughly dry your stainless steel pots and pans to prevent water spotting. Vinegar can be used during the rinse cycle to get rid of spots that result from cleaning.

A baking soda paste and water will make certain that it stays sparkling.

If you want to keep your stainless steel cooking utensils looking as good as new, combine baking soda and water to make a cleaning mixture. For the outer surfaces of cookware, wipe paste on gently with a soft cloth. Wipe it dry after a thorough rinsing in tepid water.

If you just follow these simple steps, your stainless steel cookware will remain in pristine condition almost indefinitely, and you’ll get some mighty fine eating out of the deal. Regardless of what your cookware is made of, it’s crucial to care for it the same way each time–this will also ensure the quality of your cooking!

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