The Secret Family Recipe Forever Remembered

What family doesn’t have a secret family recipe that is passed down from one generation to subsequent generations? Most family recipes are handed down and kept by one family member. The recipe might be written on a piece of scrap paper or it might be committed to memory and passed by word of mouth. A great recipe can be cooked and enjoyed, bringing back memories of picnics, family gatherings, or the person who created the recipe. If a person is in need of recipes there are various means of searching for one, as well as several methods for storing them.

Finding a recipe is easy these days. There are books that range on any topic for cooking. If a person struggles to get children to eat vegetables, there are recipes that sneak them into the foods that they will like to eat. Also, facilitated by the internet, recipes can be found on a plethora of websites dedicated to food aficionados.

The range of cooking websites is amazing. There is a website for any number of needs. Some websites will specialize in cooking with kids, while others may be dedicated to dietary needs, such as a gluten-free diet. Web searches can lead a person to the websites that he/she needs. On many websites, a person can print a recipe card.

Recipe storage is important. Computers have made sharing and getting recipes easier than in days past. People can print recipe cards from websites. Recipe software exists that allows a person to type in recipes, email them, or do various other things. The recipe software on the market ranges in price and in features.

Handwritten recipes can be typed onto a computer and organized using the recipe software. Some people still prefer recipe card organizers that allow access to recipes in a kitchen. Whether printing from the internet or using recipe software, having hard copies of recipes is made easier today than in days past.

Some people enjoy experimenting with food and ingredients. The adventurous cook may take an old family recipe and improve upon it by adding his/her own flare. The secret family recipe may evolve as times and tastes evolve. A person does not need to be a chef to enjoy cooking and creating unique culinary foods that will delight family and friends.
Remembering the recipes and storing them will help people in the future to cook and create family favorites, forever immortalizing their ancestors of the past.

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* NBC-TV’s “Today” show tours Elvis Presley’s Graceland during Elvis Week, August of 2012 to commeorate the 35th Anniversary of Elvis’ passing. Great shots of the Jungle Room, kitchen, dining room, living and music room. Sorry, no upstairs. Not allowed! Enjoy this brief but very enjoyable look at Elvis’ beautiful home brought to you by our by Guy and the gang!

Mini Tour of GRACELAND, from the “TODAY” Show, ELVIS WEEK, 2012

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  1. CYndibabI says

    maybe I'm wrong but thought Lisa let Michael Jackson go up in Elvis's bedroom? Michael Jackson was fascinated with the death of Elvis from what I read not sure it was true but to me it seems its true just being curious I guess! If You haven't visited Graceland You should, You truly feel Elvis all around!

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  2. Paul Turner says

    The upstairs quaters are locked ,the people who have access are the family ,archives staff and maintaince staff who are trusted. Very few people have access and I know this from close Presley family who I have befriended in memphis over the years.

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  3. Richard Noel Hedditch says

    Yeah, yeah, its all vintage fittings, but with a stack of wholesale makeovers and tarting up done to it. A lot of polishing, scrubbing, varnishing, decorating, and renovating, and harpic. I wonder if at the end of one of those guided tours everyone gets a little miniature Gracelands replica as a memento before they get back on the bus.

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