Tupperware Kompact Lunch Box, 800ml

Kompact Lunch Box from Tupperware For people who prefer to carry a light lunch, the Tupperware Kompact lunch box is the perfect value-for-money investment. The compact lunch box by Tupperware incorporates a contemporary design that can be easily accommodated in your briefcase or carry bag without occupying too much space. This slim lunch box by also comes with a detachable divider making it easier for you to carry your lunch or dry snacks. Simply remove the divider when you don’t need it and you can use the large capacity of your Tupperware to accommodate more of your favourite food. Equipped with Airtight and Liquid Tight Technology With the Tupperware lunch box, you can directly place your lunch box in a microwave so that you get to enjoy hot, tasty home-cooked meals even at your workplace. Apart from being microwave safe, the airtight lunch box comes with a unique airtight and liquid tight seal safeguarding you against the unexpected spillovers. Additionally, this lunch box is extremely easy to open. Ideal for office goers as well as school children who hate to carry big lunch boxes, the Tupperware lunch box can be comfortably used on a daily basis.

Product Features

  • Contemporary design
  • Detachable divider
  • Slim and easy to carry
  • Assorted Color
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Lunch Box (800ml)Assorted Color

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