Tupperware Water Dispenser, 8.7 Litres

Drink Safe, Stay Healthy Tupperware water dispenser is smartly designed to help you in every step towards healthy living. This dispenser comes in a semi-rectangular shape with an airtight lid. The lid on top does not let air or dust enter into the water storage segment, so water remains clean, clear and free from contamination or bacteria. It has the capacity to store 8.7L water, which makes it suitable for a regular size family. The airtight water dispenser is a one-stop solution for drinking healthy water. There is a vent cap to make pouring easy and quick.

Product Features

  • 8.7 litre capacity is ideal for a family’s consumption or for outdoor activities
  • Air and liquid-tight seal keeps water clean, safe and free from contamination
  • Back grip provides a steady hold when pouring
  • Side grips allow for easy handling, especially when container is full and needs to be lifted
  • Vent cap prevents “vacuum effect” when dispensing water, allowing air to enter for a steady flow of liquid,Assorted Color

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