Why Select Waterless Cookware For Your Kitchen

When you are stocking your kitchen, selecting the proper cookware set is important. You will find that there are many types of cookware as well as a wide range of prices. The main difference in each type of cookware is

largely determined by what the cookware is made of. What a set is made of determines a lot about its wear ability, quality, benefits and thus overall value to the

consumer. For example, a cast iron skillet is heavy and great on durability feature whereas a aluminum set is fast heating and inexpensive. At the top of these

choices, you will find a type known as “waterless cookware”. The term “waterless cookware refers to type of cookware that is really quite amazing. It takes

advantage of the benefits of the other types of cookware such as cast iron or aluminum and eliminates the negatives.

This starts with the fact that it has a multi layer construction. These layers, usually 7 to 9 are designed to conduct heat quickly and hold heat better than traditional cookware. The heating

surface is a plate made of aluminum or copper layers sandwiched (“plied”) together along with layers of stainless steel. This allows the cookware to heat very evenly

and quickly with very little heat applied.

The second difference that you will notice is that its outside layer is made of surgical stainless steel. This is a pure state stainless steel such as the kind used in operating

rooms. Because of its nonporous properties, meat does not stick.

The third difference that is very apparent when handling them is the quality. This is heavy cookware and obviously made to last.

The forth difference is the precision ground tight fitting lids. These lids form a seal when cooking that allows you to actually cook the food with high temperature steam. Cooking in this way

allows you to retain more of the vitamins and minerals that are usually lost due to boiling and high heat.

The term “”waterless cooking” means that you are using no extra water to prepare the food. For example, brocolli or carrots can be cooked with just

the moisture that is retained from washing them off. This is because the tightly fitting lid holds in the steam like a pressure cooker and cooks them in their own natural juices.

So as the food heats up, the liquid content, including any water from rinsing it prior to placing it inside the cookware, begins to evaporate. This in turn causes the lid to

seal, trapping the steam. Eventually, enough steam builds up to cause the lid to vibrate. When this happens, you can actually spin the lid on the water vapor. This is your signal

to turn the heat down to low or in some cases off. The food will continue to steam-cook as the iron core slowly releases its retained heat.

It is generally accepted that waterless cooking results in healthier meals. This is because instead of leaching away an estimated 40 percent of the vitamins and

minerals as most other cooking methods do, you will only lose a 2 or 3 percent with waterless cookware. So more of your food’s nutritional value makes it to your plate.

And because the even distribution of heat found in waterless cookware, prevents food burning or sticking to the cooking surface, no high-calorie, high-cholesterol fats or oils need be added.

Lastly, since food does not stick to the stainless steel, it makes cleaning up afterwards much easier.

Energy savings is another waterless cookware plus. Since it never uses the high heat setting, and medium setting is only needed for a brief period of time, this

method of cooking represents a real savings in energy costs. And because you’re not constantly adding heat throughout, you also effectively prevent overcooking,

resulting in tastier food overall.

Our final point is one of cost. Waterless cookware is typically obtained at a highier cost that other type sets with good reason. It is likely going to last you a lifetime

and be the only set you will ever purchase. Most sets also come with a lifetime guarantee. But be aware that the price of a set can vary greatly between dealers due to advertising

costs. Some vendors sell at home dinner parties, others use TV and still others sell direct to you. Great deals on high quality waterless cookware can be found with a little

searching. One such company that I recommend highly is Vapo-Seal Cookware. With over 45 years in the business they offer a high quality product, a lifetime guarantee and very attractive pricing.

Learn more about waterless cookware . Stop by Rory Graham’s site where you can find out all about surgical stainless steel and what it can do for you.


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